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Is my Xbox 360 damaged?


You know when you move the console while a game is playing the disk will most likely get scratched.

Will this damage my console in anyway?

I don’t mind my disk being damaged too much because its alot cheaper to replace but my console is obviously more important and expensive.


Recently my games have felt a bit different, in-game movement is slower (very slightly), things take longer to load etc but the disk is in perfect condition and the console hasn’t been moved. What could be the problem.

Will a damaged console cause differences in gameplay or will it just not read the disk at all?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. The laser stars to get weak after couple of months or years depending on how often you play. i would recommend you buy a hard drive and install the games on the hard drive, this way they will load quicker and the laser wont have to read the games from the disk which will make your 360 last longer.

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    The disc will surely get scratched and have to be fixed or re-bought. But yes your xbox CAN be damaged when moving it because the laser in the xbox will be unable to identify ANY of your discs. Also you can jam the disc tray into the xbox and will have to pry it open. Damaged consoles cause a huge difference in gaming and tend to often freeze the console during gameplay or just not read any discs. Hope this helps!

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