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I’m Getting A PS3 Tmmrw, Need Help.?


Basically My Sons birthday was 3 days ago and he decided he wanted to buy a ps3 slim. We are going to the store tomorrow to get it. But my question is, how much longer will gaming industries provide video games for the xbox 360 and PS3 since the ps4 and xbox one are out, my guess is they will make more games for those 2 consoles, But does anyone have an estimate of how much longer they will create games for the ps3.

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  1. I recommend you get a PS4 coz if u get a 500 GB Ps3 it'll cost you around $300 but for a mere extra $100 you get next gen technology.Ur son may also prefer a PS4 to a PS3. For games, I recommend you get inFamous Second Son coz it is perfect to show the console's power or you can even get Battlefield 4, CoD Ghosts if your son loves fps.

  2. Some developers will continue to make games for the PS3 and Xbox for the coming years, but just to be on the safe side buy a PS4.

  3. sony promised to make new ps3 games until at least 2016 , other companies will make games as long as they make money selling them so maybe another 5 years or more.

    once they stop selling new ps3 games and you upgrade to the ps3 you’ll be able to get a streaming service and still play your old ps3 games on the ps4 too and many games on psn are cross buy so you get a free copy for the ps4 or psvita or both so if he gets a ps4 a couple of years from now he will probably own a lot of the same games and get them free on ps4.

  4. It should be at least a couple more years since not everyone has upgraded yet. It generally depends on how much money game developers are getting, when the PS3 first came out, PS2 games were still being created a few years later so my guess is that games should no doubt be available in a few years for the PS3 since the console is still so advanced. Hope this helped 🙂

  5. For another couple of years. That might not sound like a long amount of time but the PS3 was released back in 2006 so you’re coming into the PS3 generation near the end. Besides new games there are many existing games already available if your son is interested in going back a bit, so buying a PS3 but not being able to use it won’t be a problem.

    The PS4 is more future-proof however. The PS3 has been around for more than 7 years but the PS4 is just starting out.

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