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IGN Reviews – Madden NFL 25 Review (PS4, Xbox One)


Next-gen graphics only go so far – changes to Madden 25’s play make control tougher, though it’s still good football.

IGN Reviews - Madden NFL 25 Review (PS4, Xbox One)

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  1. This guys blind and his only argument on how this game plays versus the last gen versions boiled down to him just being bad at madden lmao. he just salty

  2. I don't understand the point of getting the next ps4 version since the ps3 version looks the same

  3. pros: a little better graphic, overall gameplay is smoother, menu without lag
    cons: still not enough tools to scout well, little change in franchise mode, AI is still not next gen
    madden is still long way to go
    insteasd of masking fundamental flaws, i think they should start their series over ( new programing , new physics, new animation ect..)

  4. Worst piece of shit I've ever played. And no I don't buy madden say I hate it and buy it again next year. I like all of them except for 10 and 25. But "manning 25" is the worst piece of shit I've ever played. I always play with 5 minute quarters and no accel clock in every madden. Madden 13 I loved a lot cause games are different like I can win 47-0 in one game 38-34 in another and 7-6 in another. What I'm saying is games always had different scores high & low. This one is garbage I put in on 7min quarters and it's always like 23-17 16-10. It's a stupid game boring game. Interceptions are too high kick returns TDs are too low. I've only gotten 2 kick return TDs in this game one not as my team and the other in practice. Really stupid shit. This game is dedicated to the broncos and it's fucking defensive friendly just like madden 10 which is why I hate both of them. Beefy linemen can catch up to your halfback, you catch a 30 yard pass and you're immediately tackled and can't pick up a few more yards. Difficulty makes no sense, why can I playthe Seahawks on all madden in play now mode and win by being up more than 3 possessions but when I play on franchise mode and play the Peyton manning a with the same difficulty it's always like 15 pics in my game, difficulty is not balanced right. The only thing that I liked about this game was the teams relocating that was cool but knowing my luck madden loves to take the fun parts out that I really enjoyed the most, like creating your own team, saving highlights, and probably that one too.

  5. Why were they handing the ball of to Vereen you don't hand it off to him you throw it to him out of the backfield.

  6. Why do the assistant coaches and cameramen have on shorts and short sleeves? Why are their no women in the stands?? EA has to do better!! This is next gen.

  7. Would buying this game help me with learning about NFL. I'm mainly a football (soccer) fan but starting to enjoy NBA AND NFL ATM

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