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IGN Reviews – Dungeon Siege 3 – Video Review


IGN Reviews - Dungeon Siege 3 - Video Review


  1. worse thing that DS 3 did was that developers removed self character development and made 4 boring characters that you have to choose . Man I liked that in DS2 regardless of what race you were you can train and build what ever you want .

  2. I remember getting this game when it first came out. I played about two or three hours of it and I started to get bored. I'm trying it out again and I'm actually getting into it this time. Not a bad game overall, definitely not an amazing game but it's fun if your into a simple hack n' slash.

  3. I want to play dungeon siege 3 , i have always wanted to play sequel to those great games (ds1 and ds2), i am so sad i cant , they ruined the game , why man why , Dungeon siege my favourite game of all time , i wish they make dungeon siege 4 like ds2….

  4. never liked co op mode, it's better to play alone like some Legend of Zelda games.. good game thou

  5. I am downloading this so when I sell my 360 it will have more value plus it looks fun and it's free so….. Ya

  6. Damn this game is TERRIBLE and the multiplayer is nearly unplayable.
    Who thought it was a good idea to make players share the same bank and INVENTORY? spend a hour+ grinding for gold or whatever the currency is and a friend bought something at a shop and it took the gold from everyone elses inventory and right then and there we found out this game is the worst multiplayer game ever.
    Ontop of that,my friends can sell MY gear,we didnt realize this until later on when two of us kept picking up stuff but we could never find it because someone else could sell our gear.

    WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?! good thing it was free because I would have felt robbed if I actually bought it.
    All of us deleted it the instant we found out how screwed up they made the multiplayer.

  7. Your not really doing a game review your just making bad facts about all the games you review

  8. Guy's I stopped playing this because I had nobody to team up with online. If I can get a unit of good players together then that's cool.Only PS3…Gamer tag – Element-25_ on PSN

  9. Can we just get a good game for free? Like enough with the garbage, I don't spend money on yearly subscriptions for this.

  10. NOTE – All 360 GwG games will be compatible with Xbox One, so download this when you get a chance.

  11. Came to this video to see if I was getting it for XB1 since it's free this month. Just another thing I don't have to waste my space on. Just looks so boring and dull. And since I've played NeverWinter on XB1 and deleted it because of the boringness, Just seems to be like that dungeon hunter thing, disappointed in myself for honestly wasting $100 on it.

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