Home Playstation Forum If I’m logged on to PSN do I use internet?

If I’m logged on to PSN do I use internet?


ok ill clarify. if im logged on but not playing an online game or doing anything online just watching a movie. does it still use internet. cus our internet is like 95% used up

BQ. do you know how much the game mag uses, say over a one hour period. or just kb/s

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  1. If u like to watch movies and don’t want the ps3 to eat the connection. Go to Network Setting-> then disable internet connection.

  2. Dude, you’re CRAZY if you’re trying to play games online with any kind of bandwidth limit. That’ll eat through Gbs like nothing. I had Verizons MiFi for 2 weeks, got a 5gb per month plan thinking I could at least use the internet regularly, but that’s hardly enough to check your email for a month. I had blown through half of it within 3-4 days of just using the internet.

    I don’t know kb/s or Gb/hr but I can tell you online gaming is waaay too data-heavy. ESPECIALLY MAG, those levels are HUGE and have sooo many people playing at once.

  3. it is best to disconnect from the network (wifi or Lan) when you don’t need it

    because when your system is connected it will be transferring bytes to network

  4. On the PlayStation 3 if your connected to the internet your ps3 is constantly keeping a connection online for messages and headlines.

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