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I can’t seem to hook up my PS3 to an older TV with just the A/V wires?


I’ve plugged it into the Video 1, Video 2 and Front inputs. Nothing. I even plugged in my PS2 and it worked perfectly with the older TV.

The PS3 worked with the flat screen downstairs using HDMI with no problem, but we wanted to use the 360 on that TV. Help!

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  1. I frequently swap the PS3 between the TV in my room, and the HD in the lounge. When you’re swapping back onto the CRT (older TV), plug everything in, and make sure the PS3’s turn off. Then hold the power button till it beeps a second time (first beep it the PS3 turning on, second beep says that it’s back to default display settings).

    Then it should work 🙂

  2. Plug it into a tv that works and go into display settings. Set the settings for “composite” to 480i. Then plug it in to the other TV. Make sure you are using the right cables. A Red green and blue set of cables must go into red green and blue spots. Yellow white and red must go into yellow white and red. Make sure whichever your tv has, you match with the cable.

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