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How to fully experience a PS3?


I’m planning on buying a PS3, but how can I experience it fully?

I want to be able to play my PS2 games through hardware engine (so the 60GB version would be better, because the 160GB version cant play PS2 games) but also I was wondering if my games run smoother on a 80GB or 160GB PS3? or its just a storage upgrade?

Also, with the HD games and Movies. Do I have to own an outrageouslyusly priced HDTV to enjoy the awesome graphics of the PS3, like an ‘1080p HDTV’ (or 720p)?

I hear there are HD cables or something, I honestly got no idea what they are or how they’re used.

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  1. For me my true satisfaction and complete control over the ps3 was when I played MGS4 1080P on a 62inc Sony. With a Sony surround system, Also blue ray movies are pretty good. But the best thing is once you pick up the six axis controller the Sony PlayStation lets you take complete control over all it’s goodies with Free internet demo’s and themes and wallpapers to suite your personality, and great avatars and with a easy set up of the wifi internet, and creating your own online gaming tag for free and shooting it up with friends is really enjoyable. and with tons of break through games and apps the PlayStation 3 is a home entertainment center, Hook your camera, mp3 player, computer and up load movies into your PlayStation lets you get all the goodies out of life, making slide shows watching movies and being able to delete them off your computer so you can download more. I love the PlayStation and 2009 is it’s biggest year so look out for everything you can get your hands on. Welcome to the World of PlayStation you’ll be staying for a long time so get a comfy couch too :p

  2. You do need to have an HDTV to fully experience the PS3. I guarantee it, it will almost certainly blow out every other game system. I upgraded this year, and there is absolutely no comparison. At all. Also, the 160GB version and the 80GB are just storage upgrades, nothing more, besides the fact that the new ones can’t play PS2 games.

  3. Just buy one and play right away that’s how it should be done.

    Yes there are HD cables they are called:

    -AV component cables

    -HDMI cable

    If you want to play PS2 games you most likely have to buy a used one.

    I wouldn’t expect you have to own an HDTV to enjoy any thing.

    check [url is not allowed] for more information.

  4. You can run PS2 games only on 20GB, 60GB or old 80GB (with 4 USBs). Those aren’t in production anymore. You can buy them only off some private retailers (and without official warranty, so it’s up to you).

    160GB and current 80GB versions are all the same, except HDD size.

    If you want to watch Blu-ray movies and enjoy games in HD – HDTV is a must. Trust me, it’s totally worth it. In the beginning I was playing my PS3 on good SDTV, later I switched to HDTV – the difference was simply amazing. I suggest Samsung (6th or 7th series).

    In order to enjoy HD picture you’ll need HDMI (up to 1080p supported – best choice) or component (up to 1080i, not so good, however 1080p component cables are possible in the future) cables. Latest HDTVs all have HDMI. However, HDMI cables (or component) aren’t included with PS3. Don’t fall for brand tricks. 10-20$ HDMI cables are as good as 100$ if the distance between HDTV and PS3 is less than 3m.

  5. storage doesn’t matter

    yeah, you need an hdtv, they aren’t too expensive. you can get a basic 40 for about $600-800 now

    you need something that can input hdmi. and you probably want an dolby digital (at least 5.1) receiver for the sound

  6. There is no difference between the hard drive version. You don’t have to own a super expensive TV that does 1080p just get a good Sony one that does 720p Uncharted(one of the best games) only is 720p. Also to experience the HD get a HDMI cable you dont have to do anything but plug it into the ps3 and your HDTV simple. The standard cables with the ps3 are only 480p. I bought my HDMI cables for about 20 bucks just search around for them. For Blu-Ray i guess getting 1080p is a benefit. Just remember STAY IN YOUR BUDGET.

  7. To fully get the viewing pleasure from a PS3 you really need a HDTV, the cable that connects the PS3 to the HDTV is called a HDMI cable. I own a 60GB PS3 and i can play PS1/PS2 games on it no problem. In regards to games running smoother on the 80/160GB model, its not true, its just, like you say, a “storage upgrade”. I urge you to buy a HDTV & HDMI cable, the difference compared to a standard TV is second to none!

    Any help needed, email me!

  8. If I were you I would just get the 160GB because PS2 games look kinda messed up when played in HD (at least on my TV) because they cannot be upscaled and they are meant to be in 480i (select few in 480p)

    One thing is you need to buy an HDMI cable seperatly from the system to setup HD they cost like 10$ online.

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