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How long will xbox 360 be supported?


I’ve heard Microsoft will stop supporting xbox 360 until 2016, but, I’m not pretty sure.

Do you think it’s convenient to get an xbox 360 Slim E nowadays?

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  1. Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Live will more than likely remain on the 360 for a few more years. Xbox Live on the original Xbox wasn’t shut down until 2010, five years after the release of the Xbox One and 9 years after the console’s initial release.

  2. Not the 360, XBL for the 360.

    Not sure about the 360 itself.

    No, I would get the Xbox One. Newer & backwards compatible (later in the year)

  3. march, 2016. also the slim e’s are known to have ALOT of problems, i recommend the classic slim.

  4. They are going to stop production of the system in 2016, however it’s not clear right now exactly which other services will be affected if any. I don’t think they will shut down the Xbox 360 Live servers anytime soon.

    Whether or not it’s convenient depends on each particular person and their tastes.

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