1. 1.get a usb device like a thumbdrive.

    2.plug it in your XBOX usb port.

    3.goto My xbox and select system setting.My xbox is at the last panel of the xbox home screen.

    4. On the Storage Devices screen select the one where u store your xbox save game.

    5.select the game save which u want to transfer u will have a option transfer to usb(my xbox is getting fixed so im not sure if this is correct.)

    6.select then it will transfer to your usb device.

    7.After you have transfer all of it. pull out the usb device and plug it in the other xbox. and goto the system panel at the last panel. once your there goto storage devices and select USB storage device.

    8.Then select the save game which u transfer and move to the place where u save your games its in the device storage.


  2. go to sign in account, then go to recover gamertag. and if you know the email adress and the password of your account then you will be able to transfer it console to console.

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