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HELP!! PlayStation 3 Problems!?


ok my Playstion won’t you know “suck” (you know when you put the disc near and it take it in by itself) the disc in. i really want help i dont want stupid answers. and i can’t return it to sony because i did to my last playstation that stoped working so please someone help!!
ok now it took a cd but i can’t get it out now! plaese i really need help.
Update 2:
first there was a disc inside but i took it out. after i took it out it wouldn’t let me put another disc back in. 2 min later i went back tried again this time it did take it but now it would’t come back out! so yeah. i’ll probably try customer service but still helpl!

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  1. Try using a forced eject to get a stuck disc out. In order to do it – turn on your PS3, press and HOLD eject button.

  2. now, that’s one thing i hate about the ps3. ok, send that damn thing to sony and ask them to fix it. if they want to know why (proof), then show them.

  3. have you tried customer support. they help me alot when it comes to problems like this. it sounds like you have something stuck in the ps3 and it wouldn’t go in and now that you got it in, that thing stuck inside is preventing it from coming out. It’s a possibility but i would call tech support to figure out what to do.

  4. Sending it into sony is the only thing you can do.

    if the system is still under warrenty then they will fix it for you for free!

    but if it isn’t they will probably give you a normal fee that you pay for any problem that goes wrong with your system. This is usually around $80.


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