Home Playstation Forum Help my ps3 is going funny again!?

Help my ps3 is going funny again!?


When switch it on my ps3 it says:

152846% Dust error please request a new ps3

What is going on?
I got it 2nd hand of ebay.

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  1. try these for help

    PlayStation Careline on 08705 99 88 77 (National Rate)

    or write to

    Consumer Services

    Sony Computer Entertainment UK

    PO BOX 2047


    W1A 5HY

    follow this link for email options

  2. Where’d you buy it?

    In that case contact the seller, ask if there have been any problems. Check the warranty seal, see if it’s been busted into. Get a cleaning kit from somewhere.

    Is the warranty still valid? If so you can contact Sony.

    Haven’t heard of this problem yet, but if it’s anything like the PS2 was.

  3. Well, since you bought it 2nd hand off ebay, I assume you don’t have the receipt?

    If you have the receipt, and the PS3 is less than a year old, then you are still in your warranty, and you can call sony and they will fix it for free. But, if you don’t have the receipt, there’s NOTHING you can do, besides pay to have to have it fixed, or buy a new one.

    Generally, when you’re buying something worth so much money, it always best to buy brand new. Even if it is from Ebay, make sure it says “NEW IN BOX” or something like that. You don’t know, that person could have dropped it or something.

    Sorry for the misfortune!

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