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*Gaming Goddess* Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Marz Review


Playing this game would be fun they said,
The Robots are cute they said…
But it is so misleading.

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*Gaming Goddess* Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Marz Review


  1. I agree about the whole tutorial issue, however, even after having the game for several years (played since I just started kindergarten or 1st grade, and am now 18) I still had a couple moves to learn. I disagree with the rating, however I do understand the frustration it gave you. I felt the same at times, but pushed through till I had unlocked the Sgt Hatter unit myself. He is overpowered as can be. Anyway, good video.

  2. Heheh I still want it just for nostalgia. Although I doubt I can find a copy since this came out more than a decade ago XD

  3. I'm glad i watched your review before buying this game. you just saved me some money,Thanks Goddess.

  4. Glad you reviewed this. I have VO MARZ in my collection, being a fan of the arcade machine and hearing of the 2-stick control for PS2, and i was totally underwhelmed. This game is not a fun mech game or even a fleshed out sim. I love the character models and all the variations, but it is a generation past on gameplay and structure. Good work on this video.

  5. Virtual-On was one of the best arcade games back in the 90s when i used to go to arcades. Oh it was so fun!

  6. Yeah Marz was an aight game. If you really want to play Virtual-on like it should be played, you should play Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram. You can download it on the Xbox if you dont have a Dreamcast.

  7. I had high hopes for this game.. Really tried to like it, but the controls were just too stiff and the difficulty made it no fun. The menus had a lot of problems too. I'm surprised you gave it 3.5 stars. Nevertheless, Good to see a new review!

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