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GameSpot Reviews – Ghost Recon: Future Soldier


GameSpot Reviews - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier


  1. Still one of the worst games ever. This was NOT Ghost Recon, this was Generic Shooter 9000, brought to you by UBISHIT.

  2. Hated this game when I rented it but when I got a free copy it grew on me so much. Give this game a shot.

  3. It seems that all the reviewers say the game is just good or ok. I personally think is a great game and one of the most underrated shooters ever. This is by far my favourite ghost recon game.

  4. Another russophobic game by Tom Clancy,but at least it's fun and well-made.Just re-bought it for Steam

  5. This game is pure shit, on console any way. controls and camera just horribly and poorly set. The campaign stops to offten for loading screens and videos breaking the action sequence when ever it starts to be fun. enemies appear out of nowhere in some parts and guns customization is down right meaningless. the split screen (which is whybi got the game) looks bad and only include the shity waves mode. over all, a very bad game, any one who liked it must have very very low standards. 4/10 from me. maybe its better on PC.

  6. One of my favourite games ever, brings back great memories. Excellent, satisfying, enjoyable single player and the "horde" mode was plenty of fun. I hope Wildlands will continue the legacy.

  7. This game was a disappointment to me. It stayed away from the very tactical approach that other games in the series had in favor of a run and gun shooter. Also, the multiplayer in this game was pure shit. Still, this was not a bad game. It was just disappointing to me. Overall I would give this game 7/10.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and it is a rock hard challenge on the hardest difficulty.

  9. Great game. Would've loved it more if it were more tactical and more choice on approaching the mission. Too bad it's too linear. Maybe Ubisoft have COD envy.

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