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GameSpot Reviews – Dark Souls (PS3, Xbox 360)


GameSpot Reviews - Dark Souls (PS3, Xbox 360)

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  1. If any of you want to start the series and want to play demons souls first Goodluck finding help as everyone has moved on to the more recent games. If you manage to beat it solo like I did then kudos and hats off to you. It is incredibly hard going through these games solo but VERY VERY rewarding!

  2. Got this for £4, and its bloody hard! Just put in 30 hours and I havent even rung the second bell yet

  3. The answer to your first question is yes, animal crossing did this to me. It was haunting.

  4. Bloodborne was my 1st souls game. I loved it. I have decided to play dark souls 1 and 2 before I touch 3. This review was excellent!

  5. completed my ds3 playthrough and am currently watching all those old reviews again to see how media opinions shifted somewhat. honestly I wish the souls games were more difficult. once you stop being afraid of rolling every boss becomes a cakewalk in dark souls

  6. Just started playing the game. Fun fact. It's unorthodox controls that makes it so challenging. Would be fun if I was trying to play Guitarhero. Here, it's just a weird challenge you're forced into if you care. They did one interesting thing that only a musician will fully understand. They've taken the rules by which you figure out every other song and decided to change them. It's different. It's not fun. It's difficult. It's not giving you any value. It wants to be very smart because it's pretty and well made. It doesn't though. The battles are repetitive. The story only leads to existential questions about the point of existence. Those questions only exist because of an avoidance of focus. And the circle goes round. And the circle goes round. And the circle goes round.

  7. You forgot to mention that if this game crashes on Xbox 360, then your save file will get corrupted and you can never load your campaign again…it'll just be gone forever.

  8. Im having trouble downloading these games. They say I need to pay for Xbox Live. How can I download these free games without paying?

  9. Alwauys wamted to get Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Game since 2011 when it came out but never did because there was a shit ton of other games I had to play so now I could finally download it yay and plus it's free.

  10. I don't mind a month of subpar games… when we've had great games with gold in the past few months

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