Home Videos Gamerade – Cleaning and Restoring an Original XBox – Adam Koralik

Gamerade – Cleaning and Restoring an Original XBox – Adam Koralik


Gamerade - Cleaning and Restoring an Original XBox - Adam Koralik

Here are my picks for great games that I think would be a great fit to make a return on the xbox one.

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  1. This is an awesome video, I know this video is old but I wanted to try to reach out and ask you some advice,
    I have a modded xbox that I do actually enjoy alot but about a week ago or something i was watching a dvd and fell asleep when it was playing I don't usually do that but when i woke up the next day I noticed the player one controller slot wasn't responding After a while of tying I got it to work for like 2 seconds but then it quit again, Surprisingly I can still play my Burnt games and Owned games by putting my Xbox slim controller into player 2 and it works fine but since I can not use my player one port i can not use my emulators any advice on this? I have had some trouble finding information the xbox has been working fine and I actually baught I brand new xbox S controller just for it, anyways awesome video I hav subbed!,

  2. I assume you might already know that, by now. But the problem with the disk tray not working is because of the wear and tear of the black rubber band in the mechanism. It's not that hard to replace. It's shown and explained in a couple of videos. One that I think was pretty good was a softmodding of the original XBox tutorial from 2017 by a guy with a YouTube name P3nce.

  3. After a long time and freeze your Xbox the original version you have to put in the time again

  4. I wonder if it's possible to gut one of these things and put in brand new PC parts. Thoughts? practicality?

  5. found a complete Xbox set up at a Goodwill for $10 , works perfectly all I had to do was by games for it

  6. I have an awesome problem with my Xbox. the disk tray stays closed when there's no disk in it. But when I put a game in there and close it, it just opens again. and when I do get it to close it doesn't read the disk.

  7. I have the exact opposite problem it won't stay closed it keeps opening by itself and won't read the games?

  8. Nice video. I would recommend a few things though.
    Microsoft used a capacitor to save date and time settings rather than a slightly more common watch battery. The capacitor is notorious for leaking and destroying or damaging motherboards so its removal is recommended even if its not leaking. A quick google search will give you its exact location.
    The power supply is also a weak point. Checking around the plug to see if its loose or showing burns is a good idea and then replacement with a superior delta power supply is recommended to avoid fire hazards.
    If a disk drive won't eject then the band may have disintegrated. Its a fairly easy fix and as simply as placing a rubber band over a few gears. On all of the above google is your friend. 🙂
    Less necessary but kind of nice is replacing the old ide cable with an ata133 instead. it cuts down load times slightly but not enough to be mandatory. Just a few thoughts

  9. Everything works fine, but my screen is all grey, or black and white. I can see and hear everything as normal. just the screen. I use an old tv from 2009, but maybe it's too modern for the xbox?

  10. I had the same problem with the disc tray and it got stuck but it was my Xbox 360 that had that problem

  11. I just got an original xbox but the games always freeze they aren't scratched so it's not the discs and when I play it sounds like shit

  12. I would love to see them bring an under the radar game back. Jurassic Park Genesis. Loved playing that

  13. All this games upscale in 4K with widescreen vision, because this 720p games look square, need the view to be wider.
    Gunvalkyrie, BLACK and even the older Battlefront games are ok

  14. FANS: Bring Morrowind to Xbox One backward compatibility.
    TODD HOWARD: Nah. Buy Skyrim. It's a great game.
    FANS: We want Morrowind. It's better.
    TODD HOWARD: But Skyrim…
    FANS: But Morrowind…
    TODD HOWARD: JUST BUY MY F***ING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Medal of Honor European assault, cod finest hour, & Simpsons hit and run are games I want on backwards compatibility

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