Home Xbox Forum Do I have to have a router to connect to xbox live?

Do I have to have a router to connect to xbox live?


Could I just use the Ethernet cable and connect one end to xbox and other to my pc? If not how can I do this without router and explain in little words please lol

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  1. You can.but if you are not familiar with computers, it is better for you to buy a router! 🙂


    things you’ll need:

    * An Xbox 360

    * PC w/Ethernet port or Network adapter AND a wireless internet card

    * A crossover Ethernet cable

    * 1

    Check to make sure your PC’s wireless internet connection is working. THEN, plug 1 of your crossover cable into your

    * 2

    Plug the other end of your crossover cable into your PC.

    * 3

    On your PC, Go to: start, control panel, network and internet connection, network connections. There will be at least 2 connections including: Wireless Network Connection – This is your router and Local Area Connection – This is your Xbox 360. (optional) If you would like you can right click and click rename and rename it Xbox live connection.

    * 4

    Right click on your Wireless Network Connection and select “status” and click on the “support” tab.

    * 5

    Click on “Details”. Copy down your DNS Servers onto a piece of paper or word document. Example: On my computer they are: and If your DNS Server number reads then skip to step 11. If not then proceed to the next step.

    * 6

    Go back to “network connections” and Right click on the Xbox Live Connection and go to properties. click on internet protocol (TCP/IP) and click properties. Elect the “use the following IP addresses:” and “use the following DNS serves addresses:” options (if they are not selected already). Enter the following info: IP address: Mask: Gateway: (Leave Blank) AND Preferred DNS: (Enter the first DNS Server you saved from the last step)/Alternate DNS: (Enter the Second DNS Server you saved from the last step)

    * 7

    Now you have to set up your Xbox 360. Make sure your Xbox is on, go to system, network settings.

    * 8

    Go to edit setting

    * 9

    Go to IP setting > Select manual >

    Enter the following info: IP (The IP from my PC seen in step 6, your may be different)/Subnet mask Press done and go back to ‘edit settings’, Set DNS settings for both primary and secondary as

    * 10

    Just like before, go to “Network Connections”. Right click on your Wireless Network Connection and then go to properties. Then click on advance. Check the box saying ‘allow other users to connect to internet through this computer’. A message should pop up, click yes. If an error message appears for conflict in IP address, this means you did not change the IP address of your router (DNS server). Please refer above in the manual on how to do so. If an error message appears for the specified service does not exist as an installed service then you must re-install your copy of windows. If any other error occurs then carefully re-read all the steps. If that does not work send me a Message about your problem. If no errors occur your Xbox 360 is now connected to the internet. DO NOT proceed to step 11, you are finished.

    * 11

    You will have to change this DNS server number or it will conflict your IP address. This can be done by changing your router settings. The person who set up your router will most likely know how to do this. If not you can also do it by reading the router manual. Most of the routers have same setups so it should work for you. In extreme conditions if it doesn’t work you can do it using your router manual. Type into the address bar of Internet Eplorer, This is going to take you to a screen where you have to enter your username and password. Under advanced set up go to LAN IP setup. do not click or change any DNS setups. We just want to change the IP. Change the LAN IP address to and then the the IP address ranges also e.g. to the sub net mask should be In Future, If you want to change your router setting you will have to type in internet explorer. Take down the number, this is your DNS server now. Go back to step 6.

  2. YES and NO.

    If you don’t have a wireless router theres a (HARD) plan B.

    * Make sure you are logged in as a computer Administrator.

    * Go to the Control Panel (click Start, click Control Panel).

    * Double-click on Network Connections

    * Click on the Advanced tab, then check Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.

    * Click OK

    * Turn on your XBox and connect to XBox Live.

    Mac OS X

    * Click on the System Preferences icon in the Dock.

    * Select the Sharing preference pane.

    * Click on the Internet tab.

    * Start Internet Sharing.

    * Turn on your XBox and connect to XBox Live.

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