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Classic Game Room – BRAVE: THE VIDEO GAME review


Classic Game Room - BRAVE: THE VIDEO GAME review


  1. Pros:

    1. Top notch voice acting;
    2. Cool upgrade system;
    3. Four different game difficulties;
    4. Soundtrack faithful to the movie;
    5. Fun level design;
    6. Co-op available;
    7. Different kinds of arrows + new outfits (for a kids game);
    8. Easy but cool puzzles;
    9. Didnt account any glitches or screen tearing issues (PS3 version);


    1. Ok graphics…fixed camera (the game woud have been much better with a camera system like in Ratchet and Clank);
    2. In the end of the game you never end up fighting Mur-dor!! What the crap?!
    3. Lack of options on the main menu (subtitles off/on, brightness,…)
    4. Repetitive enemies;
    5. Lack of stand out bosses;

    Brave is worth buying! Its fun and great for kids and adults. Id totally recommend it to anyone!

  2. Dammit! Another game on my collection, that I've completely has forgotten.
    I really have to find some more time for my game collection.
    I bought this for the Wii & it is pretty fun game.
    This may be a big surprise, because this is a MOVIE LICENCE game. Those games almost always sucks.

    Also thanks for the mention of Commodore 64. I love that machine very much. C64 was my very first game console (C64 is actually a computer, but for me it's a game console, because we only played games with it).

  3. 35 year old male here and I played and beat it on hardest difficulty.  I have to say it's a very good action game with good upgrades and over all fun game.   Don't pass it up just to protect your man hood.

  4. I have this game for the Wii & I have to admit it's pretty fun! I'm a 27 year old guy & I'm a huge fan of the movie so I had to get this game. I bought it on amazon last year for $28 & I've been happy with it so far. My only complaint is that it's really short. I completed it on the "Brave" difficulty recently & it was very hard especially the final boss.

  5. A typical princess story was them striving for a male, which this wasn't. I found that refreshing. It's not Pixar's best work but it's not bad at all.

  6. Because it's a typical princess story. It's not really breaking any boundaries, which Pixar is known for. I didn't hate it, but I wasn't particularly impressed by it

  7. not a good game but also not a bad game either
    I for sure won't buy it, but I appreciate developer's hard work

  8. this game looks meh, but somehow all these harsh voices make me feel really bad for the developers……they just want to make a fun game but all they get is sarcasm…

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