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Choosing a PlayStation Vita Memory Card [HD]


This is a perfect video guide to help you in Choosing the right PlayStation Vita Memory Card for you. Besides you don’t wanna buy another of these rip-offs again would you?

Choosing a PlayStation Vita Memory Card [HD]

Recently found a good deal on a 64Gb PlayStation vita memory card… Or was it?

PSVITA 64Gb/Go Memory Card - Buyer Beware

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  1. Nowadays even the 32GB is almost 100$ if you don't know where to look. Just get a 64GB. EVERYONE who says the Vita has no games are just ignorant. I had a 16GB and found myself having to delete games frequently just to make room for more games. Just tell the Vita haters to look at the Vita's PS Store, and they'll be sorely mistaken about the Vita 'having no games'. Most of the games are COMPLETE BARGAINS, to top it all off.

  2. I kinda get it you save more money with the hard copy, but I much rather have it downloaded and not play with cartridges all the damn. Simple charger carrying case and that's it.

  3. hey I know this video is old but I don't have a memory card i only have retail games how much games can I have with out memory card.

  4. Alright, I'm getting a 8gb card, but I'm confused on the 2 – 4 games part, is that for digital or retail vita games?

  5. hey, ive purchased many ps vita games on the uk playstation store as they are quite cheap now. However i just ordered a Japanese vita and it should arrive next week. Does that mean i cant play these digital games on my vita? thanks for the help!

  6. I have a 8gb Memory card. I'm a person that likes Going to GameStop, So 8gb was enough!

  7. What memory card should I get if I only wanna use the vita to play games I buy from the store Only? The 8gb right?

  8. I only play minecraft but i need to update it and it takes 589 space But I only got 410 space 🙁

  9. 32 gb is enough for me 64 gb is ideal but too expensive. I don't see how anyone would spend that much for a memory card.

  10. I have 2 64GB. Both are working super fine. I've had another one before, that I got on Amazon, and again, no problem (that one was stolen thought) I may buy a third one in the near future.

  11. I used to have all sorts of trouble with corrupted data when I used an official Sony MS Pro Duo in my PSP. Then I switched to one of those Photofast MS Pro Duo to MicroSD adapters, put Samsung MicroSDs in, and haven't had any problems since (except with some data carried over from the old MS Pro Duo).

  12. They do exist in Japan and they can be imported. I would recommend buying from Amazon and get a good seller

  13. I must been lucky enough to buy a 64 GB Vita memory card for $15 on Ebay before it got taken down.

  14. I got mine for $60 US. got it second hand on Craigslist. the first thing I did was pop it in and check the system info. it read 60gb so that was kind of concerning, but supposedly that's how it is. anyway it's working fine so far, now I just need to fill it up and see if it'll actually go past 32gb! I've got Henkaku running, so loading it up shouldn't be a problem :p

  15. I recommend using Nippon Yasan, excellent website. I bought my all White japanese slim vita and a 64 GB from them in the Summer '15 and it still works.
    though I heard a lot of rants on forums about people having their 64GB breaking after a few months of usage.

  16. $103.99 USD on Amazon US for the 64GB VITA memory card. I may get the 32GB instead and get a used PSP3000 with a Memory Stick Pro Duo to Micro SD card adapter to offload all my legacy PSP downloads and have the ability to play the legacy UMD discs. With the exception of Nintendo's 3DS library and continued support of their parent company, the VITA is technologically superior to the 3DS. It's too bad Sony all but abandoned support for the VITA. At the very least they should convert legacy UMD titles to either cartridge or make them available via download. The proprietary memory card format has and always will be a terrible idea. Sony keeps making that same mistake over and over with all its products.

  17. I just bought a 64gb card on ebay and it was only 23 U.S. dollars. Next day i got a message saying that my seller was hacked and I can no longer see the order. I used paypal to order it, so I know i'm guaranteed my money back if anything goes wrong, but I should've known it was too good to be true.

  18. Personally I've never had a problem. I always check to see if there are any low ratings for sellers on either eBay or Amazon & I read the corresponding reviews too. But typically I'd only buy from the top sellers with only good reviews. If there aren't any I don't usually buy from them unless the reviews are ridiculous. And I've got x1 8GB card, x5 64GB cards & it's because I'm looking to get another one that I came across your vlog because the title below the thumb nail concerned me. Either way I'm sorry to learn of your situation.

  19. never buy memory cards off ebay never ever lol i learned the hard way amazon 106+ free shipping for a straight from japan 64gb card i have over 40 games installed on mine using the henkaku n every game loads great no problems what so ever i left my ftp on for 12 hrs transferring games while i was asleep and i woke up vita was on games load perfect

  20. I have 4 64GB PSVita memory cards! 1,2,3,4! I bought my 1st one from PlayAsia for $122. My next 3,  bought from Amazon for about $80 to $95. However, the last one I bought from an Amazon seller named "GFMEDIA Gamefunk" (DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!) and it came opened, upside down in the packaging, and did not work in either of my 2 Vitas or PSTV. You could see many small scratches on the memory cards gold pins. It was totally used & defective, when it was suppose to be brand new!  Amazons A to Z guarantee got my $ refunded and I re-bought from VideoGamesDiva, (buy from them) the same seller I got my other 2 from, and it came brand new and perfect, just like before.

  21. Ebay hahaha.. theres lots of manupilation of seller's location. Previously i purchased MicroSD by thinking ,seller was from Philadelphia but turns out. Seller's location was from China. And MicroSD found Counterfeit.

  22. Ebay hahaha.. theres lots of manupilation of seller's location. Previously i purchased MicroSD by thinking ,seller was from Philadelphia but turns out. Seller's location was from China. And MicroSD found Counterfeit.

  23. If you have not got a 64gb card yet, in the uk store CEX get a used one for £55 and think they do ship everywhere. I just re-got a vita need the 64g card too so will be buying one from CEX.

  24. i got mine for 85 like year and half ago or so, works fine and its packed to the brim, about 57gb out of 59gb useable as i recall.

    vita 1k – 32gb used for cartridge games & AAA digitals
    vita 2k – 64gb used for all digital games
    vita tv – 16gb dont even use it lol

  25. Did you use it with the new slim PSvita that's what their for only not the old version that's why it's not working

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