Home Xbox Forum Can my xbox one download when my xbox one is turned off?

Can my xbox one download when my xbox one is turned off?


So i just bought destiny to play with some friends, but i have work. If i turn it off, will it still be downloaded when i come back? I heard rumors where it can still be downloaded, so thats why im asking. Btw, its on Power Mode, and not the Energy Saving Mode.

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  1. no , of course not

    how could it download if its not even on and connected to the internet? can your pc download when its off? can your phone download apps and make calls if its powered off? it works the same way

    if you turn the console off the download pauses until you turn it on again , if it has a mode where it powers off automatically after so many hours of non use you coud set that up and after it downloads it would turn off a while later – too bad its not a ps4 or ps3 , you could have set it to auto shut off after the download finishes and installs then just leave for work

  2. If the Xbox One is like the Xbox 360, there is a setting under Downloads that lets the Xbox continue downloading after you’ve told it to turn off. Once the download is finished, the Xbox will power off normally (based on your other settings.)

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