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Bullet Heaven HD #085 – Raiden Fighters Aces [Xbox 360]


Bullet Heaven HD #085 - Raiden Fighters Aces [Xbox 360]


  1. Now why couldn't we have gotten a beefed up port of this instead of the drastically booched raiden legacy? Just add raiden 1 and 2 and we got a masterpiece collection on our hands, but of all things considered why did we end up with legacy as a compilation on platforms but not this?

  2. Y'all are crazy the music to these games is as top notch as anything else in it- def not the weak point if you lived any of your young adult life in the 90's.

  3. Still really pissed off this never got a UK release, I'm too poor to afford arcade board set-ups and I'd already shelled on loads of import games and consoles (it was immensely cool how so many Dreamcast stg titles started showing up ages after the console was declared dead), couldn't afford to also get an import 360. Bastards purposely didn't make it region free. Fuck region encoding.

  4. Patiently waiting with crossed fingers for a PC release. Raiden Legacy is just offensive for a PC title.

  5. If you have an ios device they have this collection on it as an app call raiden legacy. It includes all three games mentioned in the video plus the original raiden!

  6. since 'R-Type Dimensions' & 'Raiden IV have finally come to PSN, what are the chances of this making its way too? 

  7. Thank you for making the best shmup videos.  Your passion for the genre really comes through and makes each one a treat to watch.

  8. Raiden Fighters Aces i Like Choose The Bullet Heaven (Normal, Score Attack or Boss Rush Game Mode) and Bullet Hell (Expert Game Mode)

  9. I'm in the UK and had this on pre-order for ages. And ages. And ages. And then it vanished. Was gutted.

  10. understand your frustration about PSN getting so little in the way of retro/old school style Shumps. You'd think, given the Japanese origins of Sony that they would be more likely to embrace this genre than US based Spycrosoft

  11. All those pc doujin games like touhou for example. Shoot, if you ever attempt to do the touhou series is just make it one long half hour episode lol

  12. Thanks for the reply. That's what I thought. I didn't know about the cheaper development for xbox360, but I kept wondering why PS3 wasn't getting that much. Oh well hopefully that will change with the next generation that's about to come out. I have the WiiU and its an awesome system. It has so much potential. I'm guessing that indie games will be the dominant force and the makers of the systems see that. Oh but there's also the pc which I honestly didn't know had so many homemade games.

  13. My best guess would be because of DirectX. Arcade machines in Japan for almost the past ten years have been covertly disguised personal computers running on Windows Embedded.

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