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Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC Walkthrough Part 8 – Orphan of Kos Boss Fight


Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC Walkthrough Part 8 - Orphan of Kos Boss Fight


  1. Kos corpse washing up means that Byrgenworth didn't make contact before Rom did with Kos. So WHO is ROM exactly, to have been granted ascension before the Healing Church, Byrgenworth and the Hunters.

  2. Moral of the story: leave the harmless little mollusk mermaids alone, and you'll beat the unholy abomination.

  3. The Orphan of Caos is one of the most dificult bosses in the game … Mientras more little are the bosses more dificult are this bastards … fucking From Software … hahaha

  4. well they couldn't really give you an hour worth of cutscenes explaining everything that happened in the end and if they did it would ruin the fun in speculation. i hope you looked up what the story behind the dlc is and the main game is because it's quite fantastic

  5. Where did you get the Knight's Wig? The one that is the hat and feathers not the normal one that is just a wig?

  6. Hey 8 Bites =D Great fight! I found this boss kind of a pain to be honest. It was only after I realized that you can backstab him pretty easily that it became a little easier. I spend a TON of time dedicated to editing YouTube videos and I’d really appreciate it if you’d check out my fight with this boss on my channel, uploaded last night : ) I’ve been playing this game non-stop haha, my fiancé gets mad at me sometimes XD. Have a great day and may the good blood guide your way : ) <3

  7. Awww anna! dont be sad. i hope you browsed the internet and found out what happened.. because i did not understand either :/

  8. Now you still need to fight Lawrence, get Lady Maria's weapon, and give the one lady in the labs her brain fluid.

  9. Good job with the Orphan. If you didn't realize, it was beating on you with its own umbilical cord and placenta. Yuck!

    I haven't entirely sorted the ending yet either. You are not stupid though. I think the Church and Byrgenwerth found the carcass of Kos and used their knowledge that they had found in the Yarham dungeons to experiment on the people of the fishing village and others. The Church unleashed the plague of beasts and created it's own hunters to kill them. Eventually Maria was so disgusted by what was happening that she unleashed a curse using the power of the unborn child in Kos to trap a lot of the hunters, the church experimenters, etc. in a nightmare realm as punishment for their crimes. You broke the curse, allowing the trapped hunters to move on, and freed the Orphan.

    There are gaps but it is what I have come up with so far. Someone else probably can explain it better.

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