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Aliens VS Predator PC Game Review


Aliens VS Predator PC Game Review

Aliens Vs. Predator PS3/Xbox 360 Review


  1. I liked this game when it first came out. Nothing groundbreaking but just some good fun playing the 3 "races".

  2. I was gifted this game on steam by a friend so we could play it together, it's aight but the MP is dead aside from some shitty 100+ ping servers and the campaign SUUCKS. Probably going to buy the 2000 one during this summer sale though, it looks like an absolute blast.

  3. The only reason I played this game was for the predator campaign 😉
    Best character ever created.

  4. The brilliance of this game only really shines in its multiplayer. People will claim that it's unbalanced, but in my opinion, these people simply never overcame the steep learning curve for each species. The balance is there, assuming the players know what they are doing. Once you've learned the ins and outs of this games multiplayer mechanics, you quickly realize that it was designed primary for competitive play. It's just a shame that its plagued with connectivity issues, hacking, and an underwhelming ranking system.

  5. this game is great, sure you can do a animation and kill em, or not, your choice, also the aliens really do come out of the walls in this game, loved it, not perfection, I do miss making my own leaps on the predator in avp2, and the multi-player combat there as well.

  6. it doesnt make sense that you can switch between visions as the predator. i mean in the original movie that was his only weakness and the only reason Dutch could kill it in the end. if it can see like a normal person then its just too overpowered

  7. In my opinion avp classic was the best along with avp 2010 being the second best, but avp 2 was a little uh..boring in terms of gameplay, sure the multiplayer was good but the campaign is a little meh, avp 2010 was wonderful to my opinion, the only thing they could've fixed was the marine AI and the the recycled levels.

  8. Actually to semi-counter that "melee is stupid against Aliens" bit, I think it's alright as it's not as if you can melee the aliens to death, they take forever to kill with melee attacks just on easy mode as the marine, so I think it's fine that you can just knock them back to give yourself a little room.

  9. This game is criminally underrated and is the best and only Predator simulator I can think of, I loved the movie so I felt like a total bad ass dispatching enemies with the plasma caster and then going in cloaked to remove the spines of my unsuspecting enemies!

  10. Predator people are dumb.
    I say open the figure if you haven't already. Unless you're super serious about collecting, but it is much better to have it on a desk or something . 🙂

  11. Do you like the xenomorph because it resembles a penis? Cause I'm starting to worry that's why I like them so much. Lol

  12. I'm more of a predator guy I wish I could play with you but I don't have a copy of the game I used to but it broke I'm planning on picking up a copy though

  13. Good review man, I play the console version like but i prefer the pc version due to the mechanics are balanced on the multiplayer compared to the console version

  14. Aliens Vs. Predator Damals für Atari Jaguar wahr es der Hammer zu der Zeit 1994 auf dem System neben Doom und Return to Castel Wulfenstein 1

  15. I have the hunter edition of the game for ps3. This is the game that brought me into Gen 7. I love playing this. The 3 campaigns are unique and different. plus pvp and survival is fun. I play this and aliens cm. ever since the patch for that, it made the game better. give it a shot. I got the collectors edition for $20 on amazon. my psn id Xenoslayer0

  16. are people still playing this ps3/online? I didn't even know how detailed they made the campaign story for the xenomorph.    if anyone is still playing this inbox me.   xenomorph army. 

  17. I have no idea why there is not many copies of this game. But you'll find Aliens: Colonial Marines everywhere. 

  18. thank you man. i like when normal people renew it and not your high gaject bullshit Rewwers. with them its all about the money at the end of the day

  19. U are beautiful hun, nice to see girls who know their games 😉 add me on fb as mario gee and my psn id is melahuak lets play 🙂

  20. Everybody hates on this game, but I got it at launch and STILL pop it in pretty often. Glad you dig it as well. The atmosphere creeps me out more than most horror based games.

  21. This one had the most fun alien gameplay for sure but I think the pinnacle of the series is still the marine campaign from AVP2. Extremely oppressive and spooky atmosphere. And yeah, Colonial Marines turned out to be shit.

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