Home Xbox Forum a question for xbox enthusiests.?

a question for xbox enthusiests.?


i just took the casing off my xbox for the fun of it and just as i was gonna put it back togather, i wondered if i could fix the overheating problem by simply giving it one giant vent instead of those 2 tiny ones.

if i leave the footless plate off and set the xbox horizontally will it perform better?

ex. faster loading, less freezing, cooler cpu.


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  1. I wouldn’t leave it off because that would allow more dirt and dust inside the system. That may cause it to break down, which is what you are trying to avoid. If you really want to protect it from overheating I suggest you get one of the cooling fans that attach to the back of the console. they around 15 to 20 bucks, so relatively cheap.

  2. Good ventilation is definitely a good mod you can do on any console that generates heat. However you will not get faster loading times from it. It may help with freezing if the freezing is due to temperature problems, but not guaranteed as the freezing may be a result of another issue.

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