Home Videos 3D Scanning At Home! (Using an xbox Kinect)

3D Scanning At Home! (Using an xbox Kinect)


3D Scanning At Home! (Using an xbox Kinect)


  1. Hello, great video! How can you create a 3d model for printing from pictures you've taken manually around the object? Thank you

  2. Awesome video is there anything I need to look for when buying a Kinect 360 other than being for the 360 and not the Xbox one?

  3. Question: the 3d print you have there was printed from the stl exported from the free version?
    I have got the scanner up and running but when i export as stl and then load into Cura, i get a low poly version of the scan.
    How did you get a hi res print ?

  4. Awesome dude! Thank you very much for sharing.
    Technology is going to be sick for this in even 10 years. I can't wait to try it, just need an Xbox connect and a 3D printer lol

  5. Interesting video and something entirely different. This might work for me in modeling building, but you can reduce the size of the print? Looking at scanning a 1/35th scale figure, modifying it on my computer, then printing it. Is this possible? Thanks for the video.

  6. Imagine where technology like this will be in 30 years.
    I could imagine professional photographers using this for clients and at events to change after-the-fact certain 3d variables to render a 2d photo based on the 3d model capture. Something that would look as if it were taken with an ordinary camera but was only rendered from a 3d modeling capture.

  7. Do you think this could work if you move the scanner around a large object Like a Motor bike?
    Thanks for the Post.

  8. Does this work off my MacPro laptop ?
    What's this adapter cord your talking about ?
    Great Video.

  9. will this scan an xbox 1 controller , 1:1 ratio, an exact replica down to the milimeter, or close as shit to it?

  10. Hi there! Could you use the Xbox Kinect to scan the inside of a pair of shoes? Any advice?! Thanks! Eve

  11. very blury, low quality of scans – it's ok just for fun but to take it seriously – no way.

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