Home Videos YouTube Live at E3 Day One: New Xbox One X Reveal, Bethesda

YouTube Live at E3 Day One: New Xbox One X Reveal, Bethesda


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Tune in for YouTube Live at E3, 17 hours of wall-to-wall coverage of E3 in 4K Ultra HD. Join Geoff Keighley and your favorite creators like AngryJoeShow, MatPat, iJustine, Nadeshot, Ali-A, Vikkstar and more. Full coverage of Xbox Project Scorpio reveal, PlayStation E3 Media Showcase and more.

Live coverge begins Sunday, June 11 at 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT / 8 PM GMT and continues Monday, June 12.

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Watch YouTube Live at E3 — coverage begins Sunday, June 11 at Youtube.com/E3

YouTube Live at E3 Day One: New Xbox One X Reveal, Bethesda

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  1. oh boy they did all that work on the Xbox one x..for US!!! nice.. Now are we still going to be buying half games ? meaning we will have to pay for Xbox Live Gold subscription just to be able to play the other half of the game( multiplay) on line with a stupid friggn account each year? or did your team of geniuses forget about the people who can't afford it ? it's bad enough at 60+ a game then 60.00 a year for membershit.. dam no thanks again…I stick with SONY and the Playstation.. F off Microshaft..

  2. G'z the Battlefront II looks just like BF4 reskinned.. and it's Dice and EA so you can expect to be DLC'd to death.. no thank you… next!!

  3. Best vidео! Guys рlеаse rаte my hot vidеo on my chаnnеl. Who liкed this vidеo, сliсk "liке" *)

  4. The only game that makes me want the Xbox one X is shadow of Mordor, but it's also coming out for the PS4 Pro, so I'm probably just gonna upgrade to the Pro.

  5. Xbox One X – One thing to think, they kept saying that you need a 4K TV to really get the benefit for a Xbox One X, I think the expectation that Microsoft has is that right now anyone that can afford a good 4K TV can easily afford the $500 price tag. If you have the income to drop to get a $2000 to $5000 TV then $500 more is not much to drop.

    Personally I held off getting the One S because I knew the One X was going to be released, I expect there are a number of people that held off for those reasons and likely was the cause for some of the lower unit sales Microsoft saw in the last year.

    Microsoft doesn't really need to play the "we sold more console" war, because they also have the PC ecosystem for gaming. Both Microsoft and Sony have a critical mass that will drive developers, at some point the total sales counts don't really matter anymore, both products are market successful.

    I've got a 4K TV, a PS4 Pro and will be adding a One X to my entertainment center later this year. All of these consoles are low cost when you compare to having a PC with a $600 graphics card.

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