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y is uncharted 4 only for the play station 4 and not for the play station 3?



  1. Because they want people to move to the PS4.

    Otherwise, why not release it for the PS1 and PS2 as well?

  2. PS3 can’t run it at the level Naughty Dog is going for. The PS4 can and it gives people a reason to make the jump to PS4.

  3. The PS4 needs a blockbuster game to give it good sales, Naughty Dog’s (Sony’s) Uncharted is the game which can do it as it is one of the highest-rated and selling series on Earth. The reason it won’t be on the PS3 is because the PS3 owners will buy it for PS3 and not buy PS4 for it.

    The other thing is ND wanted to try their best selling series on a new fresh console which gives them a greater chance of creating another masterpiece, with better FPS, graphics and gameplay.

  4. Because people who have PS4 don’t want their game to be held back by the PS3. If it were on the PS3 they would have to downgrade graphics and performance. Plus Uncharted 4 is gonna be a big game,they need it to look,run and feel as best as possible and making it on the PS3 just wouldn’t allow that.

  5. They are most likely trying to force the console transition since most people don't want to upgrade due to a lack of content.

  6. That’s just Sony’s way to force people to buy a PS4! Since the Uncharted series has a huge following, they know people who have been hesitant about buying a PS4 will go out and buy just to play Uncharted 4!

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