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[Xbox360] BOMBERMAN Act:Zero -OP&Gameplay-


[Xbox360] BOMBERMAN Act:Zero -OP&Gameplay-


  1. When you see some Warhammer and Spawn fanboys saying that everything needs to bè darker and edgier, show them this video.

  2. もうネタバレいいよね?ww頑張って100面まで行きエンディング見ました!シンプルすぎるエンディング!地上に出るだけでしたww

  3. Que les está pasando a nuestros personajes favoritos de la infancia?! lo mismo le paso a crash bandicoot y estoy triste por eso :'(

  4. 4:26 It says "You're alive, get to the next stage". It said it AFTER it said you win. This does not make sense.

    Also in a battle between White Bomber the Bomberman (Original) Vs. this Bomberman, I think the original would win.

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