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XBOX ONE X Price $499 Revealed (E3 2017) Original Xbox Games Coming To Xbox One


XBOX ONE X Price 9 Revealed (E3 2017) Original Xbox Games Coming To Xbox One

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XBOX ONE X Price 9 Revealed (E3 2017) Original Xbox Games Coming To Xbox One


  1. not paying $500 for a MID GEN UPGRADE when in a couple of years sony will have a NEXT GEN console out

  2. I probably won't get Xbox One X anytime soon. It's 499 and mostly takes all newer games that cost around 20-60 dollars each. I don't want to spend that much on a console with games and keep paying for live!! To me the 4k gaming is awesome but not worth it for the price. Console gaming was meant to make gaming cheaper. PCs either cost a lot to buy or a lot to build. consoles were supposed to help and now with all the money I would spend on a console and games I could make an good PC for close to the same price and get all the games I want way cheaper!! This is just my opinion on Console gaming and that the cost is very incconvinient now.

  3. Meanwhile in Argentina the Ps4 Pro cost $800 USD and Americans complain about it (Also the minimum salary is a third of USA salary)

  4. $500 is a lot but its comparable to other consoles at launch such as:
    1990 SNK NEOGEO @ $650
    1993 3DO @ $700
    1995 Sega Saturn @ $400
    2005 XBOX 360 @ $400 w/Kinect
    2006 PS3  @ $500 w/30GB and $600 w/60GB
    2013 XBOX ONE @ $500 and $600 w/Kinect
    2013 PS4/SLIM/PRO @ $400
    Looking at this spread $500 for the BEST CONSOLE EVER MADE IN HISTORY doesn't seem so bad.And this is in no way comparable to a PC… my laptop cost $1500 so I'm not so sure "spend a bit more and get a PC" is very accurate…3x as much is not a just a bit more and in order to get one that could best the ONEX you couldn't just go get a super cheap one… so I'm not sure where PC pricing has an argument…

  5. As a sony user i can honestly say that Microsoft is kicking sony's anti-consumer ass. "No external assets" "we are for the players tho"


  7. Battlefield 1 is not on a list for a patch for Xbox One X. By the time Scorpio launches, Battlefield 1might still have some unreleased DLCs left. BF1 is newer than both Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and Doom. BF1 has many more concurrent on-line players on Xbox One. In fact, Battlefield 1 is the second most played multiplayer game on Xbox One, only behind Overwatch. EA and Microsoft have partnership. They ran tons of commercials for BF1, yet, no patch for Xbox One X? Really? Microsoft? And you want me to pre-order your system? No thanks! For Christ's sake – even Mantis Burn Racing is getting Scorpio patch for Scorpio. Microsoft spent so much money on BF1 and will spend so much more money on Scorpio advertising and yet, they do not have Battlefield 1 patch on the list. No excuse Microsoft!

  8. All the crybabies on here thinking you're supposed to be playing 4K at the same price the pro is

  9. why do people keep saying 499.00 its 550.00 god damn it the money is gone so it be 550.00 let me know where you can get a xbox one x for 499.00 because i want to go there no tax on anything

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