Home Videos Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Round 4 (CPU)

Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Round 4 (CPU)


Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Round 4 (CPU)
Console Wars: Season 1

Catch up on previous rounds:
Round 1: Controller: http://cuthut.com/jGY
Rounds 2 & 3: Hardware: http://cuthut.com/zP7
Round 4: CPU: http://cuthut.com/h0l
Round 5: GPU: http://cuthut.com/e4u
Round 6: UI: http://cuthut.com/e2J
Round 7: Online Experience: http://cuthut.com/cwA
Round 8: Media Playback http://cuthut.com/sti
Round 9: http://cuthut.com/9mO
Round 10 Part 1: Exclusive Games: http://cuthut.com/cYN
Round 10 Part 2: Exclusive Games: http://cuthut.com/Die
Round 11: The Future: http://cuthut.com/neT

Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Round 4 (CPU)

Console Wars: Xbox One Vs. PlayStation 4 -- Processors (Round 3)

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  1. Save up 500$
    Build a PC (pirate the OS)
    Torrent your games
    Save more $ than buying a console in the long run

  2. how about we all just go turn these lame ass consoles into pcs and everyone can be happy

  3. U MESSED UP THE THUMBNAIL IT SAYS XBOX360 OVER A PS3 AND PS3 OVER A XBOX360 Im editing this message and i realised i had caps lock on

  4. It looks like AMD borrowed the cpu design from the ps3 for the fx lineup(I kbow it did not but it's interesting how simmiliar it is).

  5. Why do you say some words in short-hand?

    Like, "HMI" when you mean to say "HDMI,"

    Or "prossing" when you mean to say, "Processing?"

  6. To be honest i like a lot xbox 360 a lot and when I heard about xbox 1 i was like ps4 is gonna lose but, when they came bro ps4 is way better it gives you a really nice experience xbox 1 is good but is just that they done worse this time.

  7. I'm just looking at the stupid ass fucking 12 year olds arguing over a box that plays games….I've given up on the human race

  8. i watched 3 rounds now despite ps4 destroying xbone i say this guy is biased toward xbox and even I'll say he is a xbox fanboy. ESRAM more than enough pffff lmao.

  9. I had a PS3 and xbox 360. The PS3 was better than the Xbox. PS4 is better than Xbox One

  10. At least this guy gos technical and say this and this more this and this ps4 has this than the xbox one and has evidence that ps4 is grapichly better instead of other people ssay the ps4 is smaller and has no external power brick unlike the xbox ps4 is the best wat i call fanboyism

  11. The PS4 Is cheaper does not have a camera that cost 50 bucks. PS4 Has more power than the Xbox one and please don't compare it to the PC

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