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Xbox 360 question for y’all who know more than i do about this stuff. help!?!?


Hey guys, my moms gonna let me get xbox live, and i was wondering if this headset: [url is not allowed] is compatible with this chatpad: [url is not allowed] and do i even need the chatpad? Thanks and i will be chosing a best answer. Hope yall guys/gals can help

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  1. Hi I think the chat pad is only to help you type with but if that is it’s only purpose trust me it’s easy enough without I’ve played xbox for 2 years now and have sent a lot of messages. Using the controller is easy enough to use when typing I recently went to get a new microphone and the only xbox 360 mic they had was one with the keyboard/Chatpad thing but instead I payed an exta £5 and picked up a nice turtle beachheadset which is comfortable and has a mic which is all you really need 🙂 but at the end of the day it is your decision so go with what mic you think you would prefer!

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