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Why do people say that Xbox is better than Playstation?


I’ve come up with these conclusions on these aspects:

Graphics: Its the same, you are retarded if you can see a difference. Even if there is a difference, it’s barely noticeable.

Price: The PS3 might be more expensive to buy, but that is all you have to pay for besides games.

On Xbox you have to pay for Xbox Live, batteries for your controller, and a cooling fan so it doesn’t overheat.

Games: Xbox might have some cool games like Halo and Left 4 dead, but that’s about it. Playstation has Killzone,Resistance, Motorstorm, Gran Turismo, Little big planet, God of War and Heavy Rain.

Controllers: They are both wireless, but an Xbox control needs batteries, which require effort and money.

PS3’s are more reliable, because there are more cases of RRODs than YLODs.

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  1. i guess the graphics are way better then playstation and the games are better and the controllers are wireless so i guess you dont have to sit so close to the xbox.xbox is alot better then ps2

    i have a PS3 and i think it better then the Xbox 360’s (:

  2. They don’t. Ps3 FTW!

    Haha all your facts are spot on, Ps3 is the better choice by far 🙂

  3. I have a xbox and i got rechargeable batteries for my controllers dont need a cooling fan and just this week alone proves that paying for xbox live which has never been down for more then 12 hours since i been a member and PSN is free and has been down now for almost 2 weeks just proves we may pay some extra money but we get the service we deserve

  4. they say it because some of it is true but also they have an xbox so there saying that it is better but its not i have a xbox and a ps3 and to be honest i think they are pretty much the same. it all depends on which 1 you prefer as a brand and which 1 your friends have.

  5. I like the controllers analog on the xbox because it’s tighter which gives resistance so I’m not aiming around like a drunk and as for the battery thing I just have an energizer battery charger and I don’t have to buy batteries anymore. And it’s easier to get around on the network, you can be in a party chat with six friend who are all playing completely different games. And the xbox allows you to play music off your ipod or what ever while your game sound is still going, some playstation games allow you to do this but not all. And the playstation actually does have better graphics if you use the hidef chord and a hd tv, the xbox can get the same resolution but the playstations pixels are a bit finer. And the headsets for playstation are expensive. I don’t mind paying the xbox live fee and there are more multiplayer games I like on xbox. Cod, Gears, Command and Conquer, Duke Nukem (xboxarcade) There was a bit more but can’t think of it right now. And as for playstation being down I heard they’re going to get together with xbox live or something but I doubt it but apparently thats what it’s all about.

  6. I don’t have a cooling fan and have had no problem with my xbox over heating, you don’t have to pay for batteries if you used a wired controller or a charger for your controllers, the Xbox has better games (about the only good PS3 only games are Resistance and MGS4), Xbox’s controllers have better triggers for FPS’s, and if you think changing batteries takes too much effort, you are lazy. That should counter about every point you made about Xbox. Oh and for the whole ‘paying for xbox live’ thing, Sure you have to pay for it, but at least your identity doesn’t get stolen like on PSN

  7. 1.Ok graphics are pretty much the same except most xbox games only support 720p

    2.as for pricing you get what you pay for xbox live was done for 4 days in december 2007 not 2 weeks and microsoft gave everybody a brand new arcade game free for dealing with the outage psn has been down numerous times because it sucks and is so easily hacked sure you may pay 60 a year for live but its way better then psn simple and easy and you can have party chats with friends who are in other game unlike psn and you can join there games easily and the xbox does not need cooling fans they have a newer version the slim my elite even after 6+ hours of play isn’t really hot or loud 2010 bundle the do not ever heat easily unless you leave them on 24/7 and never shut it off which i am sure a ps3 does too the red ring is covered by microsoft so dont worry about it on the new slim its almost impossible but if it does its covered

    3.Well for games it depends at how you look at it who has the rights to call of duty? xbox who get the dlc first?xbox, i agree heavy rain was good all those games you listed are pretty much on xbox with a dif name besides little big Planet , battlefield 3 comes out this fall and it will have a way better online experience

    4.xbox bats don’t die that fast i bought a recharge pack with cable cost 16.00 at walmart over a year ago hold charge for many hours and can be played while plugged in

    and last but not least psn has been down before call microsoft i was playing xbox when it went down not for 2 weeks but for 4 days and i got a game for free because of my troubles playstation will just apologize but what about all the people who have just had there Identity stolen and credit card info never happened on xbox so stick with the pos ps3 blue ray pc because all a ps3 is is a damn computer that will always be hacked

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