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Why are there so many fanboys on Xbox Live?


Xbox is ok, I don’t think there’s anything unique about it, and the online community is all the same. They all love their console but never care to explain, its always “Ps3 sucks, Wii is for kids, XBox FTW!” but why? It basically a ps3 minus all the good stuff, plus games.

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  1. Ok, one which got hacked and was down for more than a month? PSN NOT Xbox LIVE. Who gets ALL the DLC’s before anyone else Xbox LIVE NOT PSN. We PAY to play hence Microsoft can actually afford to have a firewall (something PSN didn’t have). “Ohhh but the Xbox is so loud” Not the Slim version it’s whisper quiet. How do I know? Because I own one. Now lets take Kinect and compare it with the Move, you can’t compare them. Move doesn’t even match up with Kinect. The Move is basically a redisigned Wii but for the PS3. The Kinect is actually unique because it tracks the users body movements without a controller. The facts are right here, now run along and play while you can before PSN is down for another month.

  2. Well hey won’t be on PSN will they? They are playing the console they enjoy the most. For some saying other consoles are bad ect makes them feel better about what they have bought. Also, what’s “all the good stuff”?

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