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which console should i buy ps2 or psp?



  1. don’t get the psp since they might launch psp2 anytime this year. the ps2 will shut down soon(1.5 years appx) so getting that would be a waste. go for a ps3. I know you want to play ps2 games but there is a huge possibility that sony will release a ps2 emulator once the ps2 is officially shut down. they are going to reduce the price by 100 bucks in april.

  2. psp.more efficient

    but if your the kinda person who likes

    to sit in the living room playing

    on a tv screen with a group of friends

    then go with the PS2

  3. PS2,if you wanna have more great games and play it on a nice 32” LCD TV.

    PSP if you travel all the time,and love typing stuff in Google and Wikipedia.

    Either way,you lose.

    Both consoles are dying from lack of new games.

    A wise man would get a Wii.

  4. I’ve had both of them at some point and I really liked the ps2 more than the psp.

    ps2 has way more games and is funner to play,

    and the psp games get kinda old after a while.

    plus, with the ps2, if you want to play a game multiplayer, the other person doesn’t have to have a psp to play against you.

    just another controller.

    Unless you just HAVE to travel with your games, go for the ps2.

  5. it depends on whether you like the outdoors or indoors. if you chose outdoors, then get the psp. otherwise, the ps2. i have a ps2 and i prefer the ps2. i’ll tell you why.

    the ps2, you dont have to worry about the battery as it uses the electrical outlet.

    you can play it on the big screen. eventhough the psp can be connected to the big screen, ps2 is more fun to play with.

  6. depends if you want to carry it around and use it where you go. If you want to do that the psp is your best choice. Plus you can do other things with a psp too, like web search and listen to music. If your to get a regular ps2, its cool too, i have one. You get to play all sorts of games in whatever tv you may have and won’t get stuck playing it on a 4 inch screen, but if you want to play it at a friends place your just going to have to pull out two plugs and carry the whole system over there.

  7. A PSP has the more later technology similar to a PS3, featuring a XMB, wi-fi connection and better graphincs.

    But as a game lover, I would go for a PS2.

  8. It really depends on you because if you want it to bring wherever you want, of course PSP. But if you want it only at your house, you can buy PS2. But I suggest you to buy PSP because it is really good and you can bring it anywhere than a PS2.

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