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Whats better a xbox 360 or ps3?



  1. It depends on what you like I suppose.

    The good thing about ps3 is that the live is free. For xbox 360 you have to pay $60 for the live yearly. I have an xbox and I prefer the xbox because they’re better games, all of my friends have the xbox too (to talk to them, if i had a ps3 i wouldn’t be able to talk to any of my friends since no one really owns one).

    I like the xbox 360 more.

  2. PS3, I had 2 Xboxes 360 and they broke down. Now I have my PS3, it’s working great for years.

    Both have much the same games, to get Xbox if you have friends who play LIVE, to get PS3 if you want to play awesome exclusive games as well as play online for free.

  3. xbox360 has some pretty good games and so does the ps3 they are both great i own both. the 360 messes up a lot easier than the ps3 just by playing it.

  4. ps3 because u dont have to pay a monthly fee. and (this one is a big one for me) it has less buttons so its less confusing!

  5. i think you can go with Call of Duty: Black Ops.i am sure you like it.

    I love this video game! I bought it to replace my boyfriend’s copy, which I accidentally scratched. We play it at least three times a week. I’ve never liked The typical “guy game” things like war games and shooting stuff like grand theft auto. But this game is different, its a BLAST! It’s not extremely graphic when it comes to killing the enemy so it’s not something you have to worry about when a child walks through the room. It’s like war on happy pills, people get shot some ketchup flies you come back to life and get a secong chance.

  6. A PS3. The only system right now thats actually getting better and better. The 360 already reached its peak in development so Gears of War 3 will pretty much will look the same as GOW2. The PS3, still needs TONS of learning from developers so there is still much more improvement awaiting to be seen and the 1st party games already look much better than the 360’s. 3rd Party titles, however, will not look as good as 360’s. You can see a very detailed technical differences in eurogamer’s Tech Analysis or digital foundry.

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