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what is the best xbox game out?


at the minute

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  1. assassin’s creed 2 is the greatest game i have ever played. i have mw2 as well but i dont like online much and the campaign is too short. beatles rock band is fun as well.

  2. if you like online games call of duty modern warfare 2 is a must it also has a great campaign if your a sports fan there is madden 10 and nhl 10 they are both great games! if you like pointless killing which is always fun there left 4 dead 2 which is a very great game i own all of these games so this is coming from personal experiences hope i helped 😀

  3. thats hard.it depends on what u like.call of duty modern warfare 2 is awesome.halo 3 is pretty cool.NCAA College Football ’10 is awesome.i heard left 4 dead 2 is cool.thats all i know

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