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What about project Natal of XBOX 360?


What is the project natal,and will it kick out of business Wii and PS3?

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  1. nope, because I, along with many gamers, could care less about the gimmick of motion controls. Yeah it’s cool, for about an hour, but after that give me my controler an leave me be.

    It’d be nice if they fixed their hardware, so it doesn’t fry itself in 40% of machines, before trying to release anything to kick PS3 out of business.

  2. Project natal is gunna kick azz <_< its wii and 360 and ps3 put to together <_< its gunna be voice activated

  3. Project natal is a camera for the Xbox that will detect motion and use it in the game, it has voice recognition too. It uses a camera DIFFRENT than the xbox live vision camera. It uses no controler like the Wii and PS3. It will be AMAZING. Though in the trailer some, but not all, things were fake.

    But then again there was Play Stations Eye Toy that was similar to Natal but it never really took off.

  4. its a camera, and there is no way it will kick out wii and ps3, and FYI ps3 has something like that, and PS3 eyetoy is out in 3 months, it allows you to care for a virtual pet on the cam

  5. It is an elite camera device with multiple recognizing features. The camera is much more improved than any of the wii technology. Since it is a physical camera, it obviously can sense better motion and such. The only thing is that there hasn’t been a controller designated for it. Instead, YOU are the controller. I think wii sales will go down after this as well as PS3s, but not fully kick ’em out of business.

  6. project natal is done with the xbox live vision camera,do you remember the eye toy for ps2? thats exactly what its like. so i would say no to them ruining ps3 and wii.all it is is like a new game for the xbox

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