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Wet Video Review by GameSpot


This raucous bloodbath is rough around the edges, but exciting acrobatic combat and a great soundtrack make it very entertaining. Read our full review: http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/wet/review.html

Wet Video Review by GameSpot


  1. I really like this game the art style, music and Rubi's fighting abilities. The only things that bothered me was the use of quick time events for a final boss and the overall length of the games as I finished it in a day. Overall though I would recommend it for its gory ways and it makes you feel like a badass after slicing apart all of your enemies:)

  2. Good job, gamespot.

    You gained a subscriber since you didn't have a prick, uninformed review like ign



  3. Yea this is DEFINITELY a better review than IGN's. Okay seriously, why does it seem like Gamespot always does better more thought out reviews but gets shit on while IGN gives really horrible and biased reviews and yet they get praised and have all the subscribers? Oh wait society went to hell, I forgot.

  4. By no means am I saying "this is a good game you should totally buy it"
    Because then you would kill me, but it is fun in its own manner, kinda like a movie so bad its good.

  5. The free-fall sequence almost ruined the entire game for me. That issue aside, I loved my playthrough, despite some frustrating moments.

  6. Psh, i own the game now and it's a shitload of fun, I think you're just being way too serious about judging it with predjudige, it's an enjoyable game that offers some nice fun for its incredibly low price, may get repetetive quickly, but it's like 10 bucks. Sure it's not your average battlefield 3 look-alike or any of that, but it's a classic. If you can appreciate older games WET shouldn't be much of a problem for you.

  7. Whoa!! Whoa!!
    Don't be drastic!
    Wet deserves to be wet, in a toilet bowl somewhere!
    This game is almost like a gag gift.

  8. When I first heard of this game, I was sooooo excited to get and play this game.
    When I finally got the game, I couldn't even finish the game because it was so redundant, so disappointing, and such a rip off of a few classic awesome games.
    I traded this in almost as soon as I got it – when it was still brand new, and only got a couple dollars of trade value. The value of this game dropped instantly and what was a $40 game, dropped to $17.99.
    Goodbye Wet, good riddance!!

  9. this game looks AMAZING, i'm definately getting this after my test week is over, i love old underrated games, like army of two

  10. Is it just me or does the protagonist in this game look like the Female version of prince of persia (the one in warrior within particularly)

  11. Honestly I would give this a score of 6.5 or 7. The game is pretty good, I really liked it, BIGGEST problem though is the controls feel way clunky, but other then that, I really liked it.

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