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Watch Dogs Official PS4 Gameplay Trailer


Watch Dogs Official PS4 Gameplay Trailer


  1. *stops one criminal
    *crashes two police cars possibly killing the drivers and costing the city thousands for car repair and general area damages

  2. Hopefully the NEXT gen console will be able to handle graphics this good, or better. Sick of Ubisoft having to back peddle with their graphics and only use it for advertisement purposes… false advertisement at it's best. I still like the game and the graphics still hold up, I'm just not happy with the down grade. Plus, Aidan Pierce is a really bland protagonist, he's cool looking and all, but nothing else about him really stands out except the fact that he's always dressed suspiciously, in terms of personality, he's a hunk of dry wood. Story was kind of.. eh but passable, nothing memorable though. Game play was alright, I am really in to stealth based gameplay.
    I give this game a 7/10 at least for me, cause It managed to keep my interest all the way through, I wasn't totally bored with the game.

  3. rule of thumb is if it's transitions in game seem impossible,it is
    that end transition
    I can't blame them though cause I already knew that it's a reveal trailer gameplay

  4. Can you people stop complaining about graphics and enjoy the fucking game, graphics don't make gameplay fun you know

  5. I want Pierce to have an ex-cop background now working for contracts chasing gangsters. He will armed with silencer and semi-auto. He will use his phone to assist him in communications and trackings of both devices and cars.

  6. Personally I still love watch dogs. The whole idea of hacking gameplay and the story are still great. I just really hope that watch dogs 2 will live up to what wd1 was trying to be.

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