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Walking Dead or Playstation Allstars?


Which game should i buy? The Walking Dead looks like a great game with story but not a lot of replayability. Playstation Allstars has a lot a replayability but looks like it has very little story or campaign. Help me choose one

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  1. this isn’t exactly an answer but if you decide to buy The Walking Dead i suggest getting the collector’s edition from gamestop. it’s 60 or 70 dollars and comes with a copy of Compendium 1 of the comics, so if you haven’t read them yet having the first 48 issues in one book is a good start

  2. You hit the nail on the head with your assessment. The Walking Dead is all about story (it has very simple game mechanics) and PlayStation Allstars is all about mindless fun and replayability.

    The Walking Dead is a short game. All 5 episodes can be finished in about 10 hours (though you could replay the episodes and make different choices). That’s something to consider, however, it’s only $30 for the retail disc and better yet, only $20 if you buy the season pass from the PS Store.

    I would suggest you buy the season pass from the PS Store. You will have to download each episode, but it doesn’t take long and the price is right. It’s hard to pass up a $20 game. Wait for the price to drop on Allstars before you buy it. I only played it a little, but I didn’t feel it was worth $60.

  3. No doubt about it, The Walking Dead is a must play and it just hit retail for the great price of $29.99. At that price, if you can find PSASBR used, you might be able to swing both.

  4. The Walking Dead has TONS of replayability. It is an absolute Kick-* story, that turns out differently based on your decisions. This, making you replay in order to see all the story lines.

    All star is not worth $60.and is a game best to play with friends. If you want replayability and story, get the walking dead

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