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Toy Story Mania – Strategy Guide


Toy Story Mania - Strategy Guide


  1. At 3:25, that tip is no longer valid. In honor of Toy Story 3, that game was replaced with Rex and Trixie's Dino Darts, but the other games are still there. Also, I like how there are 2 separate paths for cars to go on. That can cut wait times by half, resulting in a faster start to the game.

  2. there is a hidden mickey on one of the carts at the end and if you hit it its an automatic 50,000 pints

  3. hey on woodys roundup at the end on the two targets collaborate with the partner and both shoot the same one to get the value up faster

  4. The problem in collaborating with my partner is that I want to BEAT my partner (My girlfriend).

  5. I have to watch this several times so that I can remember the tips when I go on the ride.
    Here's another tip I thought of: On the practice game, since there are no points awarded, take it easy and save your elbow.

  6. Theres two other levels you forgot to mention one is with ham and the egg toss I dont know any secrets for that one but the next is the valcano level if you shoot all the long balloon on the valcano you will activate the valcano and each balloon worth 500 and then if you shoot all the metors down you will get a metor storm each balloon worth 500 and 1000

  7. I had no idea about the big alien! But then I always go on with a kid who can't help much yet.

  8. Hmmm? They have this at Disneyland TOO? I used a fastpass for this before the fastpass dispensers died. Was worth it. I got the highest score in my vehicle.

  9. I love this ride so much! We waited almost an hour to ride, and it was worth every minute. I could ride again and again and again!

  10. the most i got was 231,300. I had best of the hour, and only a few thousand points from best of the day. Best of the month was 339,600 tho! O_O How did they do it!!!

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