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The Mass Effect Trilogy Review


The Mass Effect Trilogy Review

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  1. I got over the ending… If you pay attention to Saren in ME1, the whole organic and synthetic relationship is made clear. Femshep+paragon+control ending is my canon.

  2. lmao look at this guy!
    This guy looks like his wife and kids just left him and he just immediately sat down to do a Mass Effect review

  3. Just bought the first one again. Its been 3 years since my last trilogy playthrough. Amazing series.

  4. I thought Liara, and Trainor, were the same sex relationship for Femshep. Who else is there?

  5. Mass Effect 1 is the best and the games got worst in each entry but still Mass Effect 2 and 3 are good not as good as the first one and the whole trilogy is a masterpiece, fell totally in love of the franchise, so sad the 2 and 3 continuations took the easy commertial path but are at least good complements to Mass Effect 1

  6. Nearly an hour of a fat ugly nerd making excuses for a game series that took itself too seriously and fell flat on its face right at the finish line.
    Smh. By even reminding me this shit existed, you just ruined my day.

  7. the third one sucked in my opinion a massive dissappointment.some of the choices from mass effect 2 didnt really affect mass effect 3 like if you choose to reprogram the geth they still somehow got turned evil again in mass effect 3 .and the writing in the third game was weak.i also didnt like how all the new crew from mass effect 2 only got brief cameos.in the third game you was stuck to the citadel.so exploration was very limited. exploration was a very critical part of mass effect.i also didnt like how they did the asari home world which i've waited years to finally explore and its just a brief generic shooting section. overall it fell short of what the previous games build up.

  8. The rating on Mass effect is imo…
    Too positive, there's way too many negative things about the mass effect trilogy that is based on many other perspectives.
    Such as romance options or time character/building investments.
    1-2 you'll get tons of Character building getting to know etc and overall made 1 and 2 the better games to play despite
    the graphics or clunky gameplay.
    But in ME3 where the ending of anything matters the most.
    Like seriously think about it even when you take a shit you want it to end with you feeling relieved.
    you don't want to end your shitting by having a Rectal prolapse.
    And that's what i'd call ME3 a Rectal Prolapse.
    It's not even about the ending tbh It's about it being the final game.
    The ending of ME3 may have been disappointing to some but i found it okay not great but acceptable.
    It was the Time in ME3 Every new character introduced in ME3 i would never even remember their names.
    Like that chess playing, toothbrush, Sex in the shower fetish chick. Who the hell is she?
    I romanced her out of desperation of not wanting to be alone in the ending. (wanted to test out ME3 romances)
    But i don't even know who the hell she is or anything about her.
    It was all uninteresting and boring no Character building in ME3.
    There was no time for me to feel or care for any of these ME3 characters.(exception of EDI which was introduced in ME2) without a body.
    The good characters that i gave a crap about were mostly from Me1, and my romance option jack from 2
    (which i realize was a mistake well written character poorly used in ME3)
    If you romance any character that origin started from ME2 there is no follow up it's just a few cutscenes even with all the DLCs.
    There is no Closure to the romances after the ending.
    Like how'd i know if they're doing okay? like even with the Extended cut it doesn't say anything regarding romances just some slideshow to let you fill in the blanks.
    If you're lucky you romance Miranda which her attitude is just.. ughk Stereotypical Daddy issues girl had enough of them for one life time, then you get like 1-3 more scenes then the other ME2 romance options
    It's not about the choices in ME3 that get me upset honestly,
    it's not having the power to just talk to any companion i wanted to
    it was all sooo controlled and no freedom much like constipation.
    All the dialogs where turned into some click for companion to speak, and i don't even feel like i'm having a conversation with my companions there's no dialog options. Sometimes i missclick and i miss an entire dialog from a companion then that's that.
    Then there's the Navpoint some shitty excuse for a journal navigator, Tbh if it wasn't even there i wouldn't mind i've played games where there's no Map navigation so i'm cool with that.
    But It is there! and it confuses you as a player so many times especially with the shitty side quest dialogs.
    Sometimes after completing part 1 of your quest task the nav point stays locked on to that quest task and doesn't move on to the next
    Making you run around searching, thinking maybe i missed something.
    Then there's the running every fucking where to find your companions..
    Most parts of ME3 you'll find yourself searching for your companions via the map in the Citidel.
    Trying to get the most out of your experience then when you finally find them all they have is shitty dialog.
    with little to no options that don't matter.
    What's the point of great graphics fun Combat mechanics when the game itself makes you want to rush through everything
    ignoring all the side quests cause come on none of the side quests are interesting.
    I mean really a merchant quarreling with a customer and all you need to do is choose to side one of them? like there's not even proper dialog choices whether you wana be mean or nice ?
    Then to be crushed that none of anything you did ever mattered?
    And to top it of the Main questline isn't even that long.
    They make up for that with!!!! CUTSCENES YOU CANNOT SKIP! just to make the game seem longer!
    Me 1 and 2's flaws were in combat mechanics and graphics.
    ME3 is just a Generic Rectal Prolapse of an ending to the series.
    That is the truth of it. The series in total deserves a maximum of 7/10 at best.
    6/10 if you romance a me2/me3 character.
    4/10 if you didn't play me1,2 and import characters.
    Don't get me wrong i like the game, and it's definetly worth playing through for the experience and it was fun.
    But if you don't feel like you have constipation playing ME3.
    and rectal prolapse after finishing the trilogy especially if you romanced jack(well-made character with 0 followup) or samara(Developers gave 0 fucks to in ME3.)
    You'd think i'd have very high standards or you have very low standards.
    If you don't know what a Rectal Prolapse is http://www.sages.org/wp-content/uploads/image-library-thumbnails/33164.jpg
    Yup if someone would kindly slap on the words Mass effect 3 on this picture it'll be perfect.

  9. I agree with this review

    I am so mad at my 360 for depriving me of them by being a bitch and breaking. Gonna have to save up and get them via Steam/PC as soon as I can.

  10. An absolute treat if you want to get away from your PS4 games for a while – well worth investing in!

  11. All that has stopped me buying these games is mentioned at 3-mins 40-secs. Sodomy is not something I need or require in a game my children might be around for.

  12. i wonder if the original mass effect got any improvement graphics wise, I am on xbox btw & yes I Recommend the series

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