Home Videos The Gaming Headset Buyers Guide 2017! (PC/PS4/Xbox One)

The Gaming Headset Buyers Guide 2017! (PC/PS4/Xbox One)


The Gaming Headset Buyers Guide 2017! (PC/PS4/Xbox One)

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  1. Great review. I'd be interested to hear your impressions on the A50 mic; I've had my set for months and the mic is a pretty constant disappointment from cut-outs, picking up things like ceiling fans and the sidetone (in my opinion) sounds really "tinny". I'm not an audiophile and primarily use it for games and some casual music streaming but the feedback I get from others when using the mic is less than ideal.

    Thanks for the video!

  2. Great review! Very thorough! Just what the title suggests, a great guide for headset buyers! Bravo!

  3. Astro A50 = piece of shiit > DO NOT BUY

    Battery lasts 5-7 hours ? Did you smell something ? Even the manufacturer say it lasts 5-6 hours. 1 hour max after a while , even less. All over the Internet they complain about that ! The company charges $78 to change their battery, and you have to send it to them on your own shipping cost. What if you do not live in the USA? What a bunch of thieves ! They sell you a $300 Head Set and they put a $5 battery, the weakest and cheapest. Try to look at the battery and you will figure it out. If you want to know how I solved the battery Iisuse do not be shy to ask.
    Well you can not BS me. I have the A50 (gen 2). The sound quality is excelent, it is also Robust , BUT THE BOTTOM line IT IS A PIECE OF SHIIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Logitech F540 or the G930 is 1/3 of the price , less Bass , less Robust , less volume , but it is much better . How comes ?
    The MOTHER FUCKERS from Astro put the weakest battery in this A50, after a while it last 40 – 60 minutes with a 5 hours charge. Shame on you Astro ! You will not see my money again.
    The major major major drawback of this OverValuated / Overcharged piece of shiit is that IT DOES NOT HAVE AN AUTO SHUT feature like Logitech F540 / G930 has.
    It is not enough that the weak Battery lasts only 1 hour max , if you forget to shut it down , IT WILL NOT AUTO shut !!!!!
    And I forgot the Range, in a concrete cinderblocks building can not even penitrate to the next room properly. Where the Logitech F540 / G930 was penitrating with no problem. They put such a week battery that gets fucked after 6 months that they were forced to lower the Wattage, so the range is very week for 5.4 Giga Hertz.
    I give you guys thumbs up – even though you recommend this crap.

  4. what do you think of the razor man o'war wired headset ? I'd reckon it's superior to its wireless counterpart. Superb thorough review btw 🙂

  5. I've had a few turtle beaches,astro A50's, and now the hyper cloud 2's, deff can tell the diff from the DTS from the Astros, compared to the hypers, but the hypers are a bang for the buck. 🙂

  6. I had to buy a pair of the razer headsets but in the chroma. Evertime I move anything touching the cord I can hear it vibrate through the headset and the plastic creaks to the point I want to rip my hair out when wearing them. Before I spend money does the Astro A40tr have similar issues? Do I have to turn the in game volume up past 80% to not be able to here the creaking? Coz anyone who uses voice coms knows having in game volume that fucking loud means your missing all the things in ts during combat.

    Let me say after my faithlful tiamats 7.1 razer just has shitty headphones and a shittier synapse that likes to take up majority of your memory periodically… which equals crashes and going back into an hour long queue so one must leave the cult for better things.

  7. Can anyone help me i want a good quality light weight headset and my max price range is $150 for my ps4

  8. I honestly have no idea why you chose razer and corsair… razer is shit, overpriced and they suck, keyboards, mice, headphones… everything made by razer sucks… and corsair, why did you choose it if you said that it looks, feels cheap and the mic sucks ?

  9. great review..What's your opinion on the corsair void usb rgb ..tempted I seem to be slowly acquiring the corsair catalogue

  10. HELP!!! I can't decide between hyperx cloud stinger and Razer kraken pro V2 (I love the green ones)

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