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Splinter Cell Double Agent | Graphics Comparison | ( Xbox360 , Xbox , Gamecube , Ps2 )


Splinter Cell Double Agent | Graphics Comparison | ( Xbox360 , Xbox , Gamecube , Ps2 )


  1. you should do a side by side of this game on 360, ps3, and pc. There was also a Wii version like the Ps2, Xbox, and GameCube versions lol

  2. Does the US version have the double agent sign only in green ?I have it red on my ps2 cover.It's pretty useless question,but i wanna get an answer.;)

  3. I agree that the xbox version looks the best but on the other hand there seems to be more screen tearing in it than the rest.

  4. And now you can do the same with the Xbox360 and PS3 version, because there are hugh differences between these two versons either. All I can say is, the PS3 port is (like Bayonetta for example) one of the absolute worst ports on the entire last generation! it is unbelievable bad.

    Great video, btw.

  5. last gen versions couldn't do what they had for the original version. several interviews they have said that the Xbox 360 version is the actual version that they wanted the game to be. The PlayStation 2 Gamecube an Xbox versions were essentially chopped up versions with omitted scenes from the 360 version of the game. Would have been nice if you would have paid attention to the 360 version as though as it was the artists true vision for the game

  6. You know, the when loading screens appear is dependent on the hardware. If you have a bad PC, you have the old consoles' loading screens. Just a quick game tip. You make very good videos, btw.

  7. original xbox had the best graphics and resolution at the time but didnt have the library like ps2 and gamecube did thats why the ps2 and gamecube were kings back in the day. and despite the ps2 having the worst graphics resolution and framerate it was the best selling console at the time.

  8. Pandora Tomorrow was a shitty game. Ubi Shanghai is a very unprofessional studio. Stop talking bullshit, turtle…

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