Home Playstation Forum so im kinda mad that ps3 is down can you tell me...

so im kinda mad that ps3 is down can you tell me everything that wil happen when it gets back on any changes o?


i think they said 30 days of ps+ whats that?

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  1. Okay ps+ is a service that will let you get some free games or add ons but when your ps+ is over (after 30 days) the content will go away and I think they said some other free stuff so maybe movie game or something that you KEEP unlike ps+ if you want ps+ content that you downloaded you will have to keep paying monthly fees but there is a lot of new free games for ps+ users every month and Sony stated two days ago that it’s In the final stages I suspect midnight or tomorow because they downt want EVERYONE to go on at the same time so I doubt they will give notice they don’t want everyone because everyone would wan to play online and it would be laggu and stuff maybe even crash but hope this helps 🙂

  2. Everyone is mad that PSN is offline.

    So, Sony Computer Entertainment will be having a welcome back program. Every registered PSN user will have a free PlayStation Plus service for 30 days. Those who have paid for the service, will have 30 days extension. We will be getting a free game too. And many other free goodies will be available.

    And I am not sure if this is true, but Sony is trying to have an insurance for the PSN subscribers in USA for $1 million for a year.

    Many things are happening on the PSN. Just google PlayStationblog and stay updated.

  3. the ps+ thing is getting exclusive demos, games etc. you also get sales and stuff like that. the Sony company said they were gonna give free stuff to all accounts for our misfortunes.

  4. Some free games, early game demos, 60 minute game demos. Free avatars and Dynamic themes etc.

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