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Should I buy a play station 3?


So I want to buy a ps3 now but the only problem is I heard the ps4 is coming out soon. I don’t want to buy a new system right b4 it gets outdated. So does anyone know when the ps4 might come out? If so when?

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  1. Rumours Are PS4 is hitting the market in 2013 so really its not long wait, if you really want a PS3 then get a used one or a new one [url is not allowed]

  2. The Ps4 will probably be out either late 2013, or early 2014.

    But I say get it, because you don’t know if the PS4 will support backwards compatibility (play ps3 games on it) and there are a ton of good games on it you can play until ps4. And a ton of good games to still be released this year and 2013, including games exclusive to ps3.

    but i will say wait until the price drop. they have a new model of ps3 that should be announced soon, to be released this holiday and the new model will be cheaper. so wait until than.

  3. It has already been out 6 years and that is way longer than normal, but they expected it to have a ten year life. Some say that because Nintendo and XBOX are already getting ready to launch their new consoles Sony might follow them. If it were me I would wait. The article I read said there is a chance of it being ready by Christmas 2013.

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