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shopping for the sony ps3. is it the right choice. 360 better? suggestions plz?


hey world, im trying to get myself a ps3. i was woundering if it was the right choice. [url is not allowed] its because of that im leaning towards the ps3 over the 360, but if you have any suggestions about why to get the 360, ill love to hear it. info about me to get the right choice, i dont play online, like to play multiplayer games with my cuz, like splitscreen, and i dont have wifi, or buy blue ray disks.

i also want a ps3 because its cheaper and better than a pc. i somehow believe this because the ps3 has a built in browser, can play online for free, and it has great graphics and cpu, also i can get games and play them with my cousins in the same house.

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  1. WARNING: I’m not bashing the Xbox 360. This is all based on heavy research and factual statistics.

    This answer helped many others (Best Answer’d a bunch of times). Maybe it can help you. Read carefully, there is a lot of writing there:

    You should pick up a PlayStation 3.

    Some of the best reasons:

    ~Price – For $300, you get everything you need in a console. It has bluetooth, wifi, free online service, netflix, Life with PlayStation, PS Home and more for just that one admission tag of $300. All of those named above and much more is available for no extra cost.

    ~Reliability – Under 10% compared to the above 33% and possibly 54% (estimation) on the 360, you won’t have to worry too much about your PS3 breaking. As for all Xbox 360 models, every model is able to get RROD. Even the Elite.

    ~Power – Obviously when you hear about powerful hardware, you always hear about the PlayStation 3. From it’s Blu-Ray and Cell to the graphics of exclusive titles and the power to help in the process of curing cancer (yes, curing cancer), the PS3 is praised for it’s technical breakthroughs between video games and shear power of latest tech. If you’re looking for a powerful system, look no further.

    ~Life Cycle – It will last you longer than any console you have right now. Launched in 2006, the PS3 will go on well past next year and into 2016 and beyond. The Wii is expected to get dumped for a new Nintendo console by 2011 at least, while the new Microsoft console is also expected for 2011.

    ~Online Service – PlayStation Network. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s lag-free and it constantly grows. When signing up, you get treated to PlayStation Home, free demos and videos, movies, TV Shows, music, Netflix and more. PSN runs on dedicated servers, which gives gamers an almost entirely lag-free experience. Only downside is that the developers choose when they want to bring their servers down. The best thing about this is that you won’t be missing an features that require internet (Facebook, Netflix, etc.) just because you aren’t registered. Plus, if you say you don’t want to play online, there is always a chance to try it out, and when you finally decide to, it’s there for you free!

    ~Games – The PS3 now has the highest rated exclusive game of all time (Uncharted 2: Among Thieves). Other AAA titles/franchises include:

    Metal Gear Solid 4




    Killzone 2


    Ratchet & Clank


    MLB: The Show

    Heavenly Sword

    as well as upcoming titles. Those games up there are just some that I would recommend to you. Very well worth it.

    If this was 2006-2007, I would tell you to get an Xbox 360. It is now 2009, and the PlayStation 3 is a whole new beast.

    For $300, you get things built into your system that the Xbox 360 would cost more for. It costs more to maintain and enhance your 360 experience, and the games feel slightly outdated in this day and age.

    Blu-Ray is not on the Xbox 360, so if you ever want to watch a Blu-Ray movie, it would cost you a whole different standalone product, unless you get the PlayStation 3.

    Uncharted 2 is praised as being the best looking game on any platform to date. Recently, it became the highest rated exclusive game of all time, with a 97% metacritic score. Yes, that’s above Halo and Mario. Many more games will be released both exclusively and multiplatform for the system well after both the Xbox 360 and Wii are gone. It has also received the Game of the Year award.

    If you like taking trips to the past, PlayStation 1 (and soon PS2 & Dreamcast) games are accessible through the PlayStation Store.

    $60 would buy you a game with all it’s features on the PS3. On the 360, you would have to give Microsoft an extra $50 annually for the privilege to use that game to it’s full potential.

    Those $200 you get will give you nothing but an empty console. No HDD, which is extremely important in this day and age. No bluetooth, no WiFi (100Ft. Cable), no out of the box online service and no Blu-Ray, ever.

    You have to remember that the $300 console your kids want once used to cost $600! Half the price for essentially the same console? Steal of the year.

    $200-$300 can buy you a console with features that would cost you extra separately and a failure rate well over 30%. Or, it can buy you the 3rd fastest selling console of all time (believe it or not, but it’s true. PS2 is number 1, Wii is number 2) with less than 9% failure rate combined.

  2. For Me, I would have to say the PlayStation 3 hands down.

    The total Cost of Ownership is lower on a PS3 and I think the graphics are better on the PS3, depending on the TV that you have.

    If you have a Full HDTV (one that displays in 1080p), the PS3 is the only one that can play in 1080p. If you have an HDTV (one that plays in 720p), both systems can handle that resolution.

    The PS3 can play Blu-Ray movies, and yes, you can tell the difference. Also, the PS3 will play, and up-convert your regular DVDs to play at 1080p. The XBox360 cannot do that.

    PlayStation 3 has The PlayStation Store, where you can buy classic PS1 games, games made specifically for PlayStation 3, as well as add-ons for games that you may already have on your system. You can also buy Movies to play on the PS3, as well as NetFlix service for the PlayStation 3.

    When you get a PlayStation 3, it comes with a PlayStation Network (PSN) account for free. This includes access to The PlayStation Store, PlayStation@Home (which is like an online game in itself with lots of mini-games and interaction with people in the form of avatars from around the world), Life with PlayStation (which is a program that includes “Folding@home” [SETI@Home’s brother], as well as news and weather feeds from around the world) and Online Play and Tournaments.For Free, not $50 a year

    The PS3 also includes a built-in Internet Browser, so you can even search the web from the console. Something you can’t do on an XBox 360.

    You can store your music and movies on the PS3, as well as on an XBox 360.

    Everything you need to go online is included in the PS3, Ethernet port to connect a wire to your PS3, and built-in Wireless capability, which would cost $100 extra on the XBox 360.

    All versions of the PS3 have a user-upgradable Hard Drive, so you could buy from day 1, a 20GB PS3 and upgrade the hard drive to 500GB if you wanted to. I have a 60GB model from the start, and recently upgraded the Hard Drive to a 500GB Hard Drive Myself.

    The XBox 360 Arcade version doesn’t even have a hard drive, and the elite does not have a third party upgradeable Hard Drive, you have to buy one from Microsoft, and they don’t have a 500GB option.

    For My money, the PlayStation 3 wins on all fronts. Games to Me look better on the PS3, I can go online without having to spend extra money other than the cost of My internet service; More of the games I want are on PS3, and the DLC that most games have are also on the PS3 or come out in disc form a few months later, so I’m not missing any content.

    And talk about games! Some good games in My collection are:

    Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga – It’s fun to play as some of your favorite characters from the movies

    Lego Indiana Jones – Ditto

    Lego Batman – Who doesn’t like seeing villians explode into multiple lego parts?

    Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction – A very fun, and funny, platformer that has the humor and variety the series has become known for.

    Half-Life 2: The Orange Box – Get this one if for no other reason than for the game “Portal”. The box includes Half-Life 2, Episode 1 & 2, Team Fortress and the aforementioned Portal. I have it and will admit that I have played Portal more than any of the other games included. I find it to be a great puzzle-solving game with hilarious dialog from the computer. Once you play it, you’ll never look at Cake the same way again.

    Oblivion Game of the Year Edition – A huge fantasy world that you can really get lost in. Lots of magic and quests and people to interact with.

    Grand Theft Auto 4 – A huge realistic world you can totally get lost in, and have fun doing it at the same time. You’ll either dread or eagerly anticipate your cell phone ringing.

    Condemned 2 Bloodshot – Scary enough that you will go to sleep with the lights on for a week.if you get to sleep at all.

    F.E.A.R. – Same reason, and will make you think twice about that little girl down the block

    Resistance: Fall of Man – Think “Call of Duty” meets “Aliens”

    Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition – I can’t say enough good things about this game. First off, you get one of the best, if not THE Best, games of 2008. A large area to roam, lots and lots and lots of stuff to do, and the ability to play as Good, Evil or in the grey area in between. While you certainly may run through the game in about a week if you don’t do any of the sideline stuff. It is made to take longer and be enjoyed for months, especially with the extra content in the Game of the Year Edition.and hey, once you’ve played through as a good guy, go ahead and let your evil out

    BioShock – Quite an interesting story and extremely interesting choices throughout the game.Now I want to shoot lighning out of My hands.

    Brutal Legend – This game is f’ing funny, if you like Heavy Metal music you’ll enjoy it, and if you don’t, you’ll still enjoy it thanks to Jack Black

    Dragon Age: Origins – Another game that you’ll play t

  3. I got my son a ps3 a couple yrs ago. As a wii owner/player I didn’t know to much about it. One day he showed my all it could do, I was amazed! When I needed a new DVD player last month, he said I should get PS3, as if nothen else, it plays blu ray and a decent blu ray player cost almost as much. So I did get myself a ps3, and Little Big Planet which I play online with my daughter who is away at college 1700 miles away. I really can’t believe all it can do for $300. I have put my music and pictures on it. bought a few more games and blu ray discs. and they don’t charge for online which really like. So listen to the others, the ps3 is a good, no excellent choice. They even send you a recipt in email when you download a game.

  4. if you dont use online go with the ps3. unchartered 2 is a great game and its only for the ps3. ps3 does have a good browser and if you were to mabye use the online u dont have to pay.

    the graphics are the same on both consoles.

    360 has much better internet for playing with friends online. i have both ps3 and xbox 360. all my friends have 360 so all i play is 360 i havent played ps3 in months.

    also no matter what system u get make sure u get the game call of duty modern warfare 2. its amazing.

    so i think the ps3 would fit your needs better then the 360, good luck!

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