Home Playstation Forum Question about playstation network and PSP ten points best answer?

Question about playstation network and PSP ten points best answer?


I was thinking of getting a PSP, mainly because i really like the old PS1 games such as spyro and heard they could be downloaded onto the PSP from the playstation network. But when i did a little research on a gamer website somebody said you needed a PS3 as well as a PSP to play games on a PSP from the playstation network? Is this true? because i already have a wii and an xbox so im not getting a PS3 too! is it true though. do i need a ps3 to play the old ps1 games? or can i play them just with a psp?

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  1. you can always hack a psp and download games for free

    also there will be a new psp coming out by the end of this year just so you know

    they will announce it on june at E3

  2. I have both systems and I can play my PSP games without the PS3. I haven’t downloaded any games from the PSN onto my PSP. But I have downloaded themes and demos so I can tell you that it works just like any other system and no PS3 is needed. It simply downloads the games to the memory card. Im not sure if you can get old PS1 games for the PSP though. I know you can for the ps3 though.

  3. You can play some PS1 classic games on the PSP.

    You need a PSN account and buy the game you want.

    Other than that, you dont need a PS3. A PSP will let you play PS1 classics fine 🙂

    Some of the better ones may be on the PSP only.

  4. You may be dealing with outdated information. This used to be the case, where you would have to buy PSN games off the PS3’s playstation store, then transfer them onto the PSP.

    But now, you can download them onto your computer and transfer them onto your PSP, or with the new update, you can just use your home’s wireless internet and download them straight onto your PSP.

    In short answer, no, you do not need a PS3 play the PS1 classics on your PSP.

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