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PS4 Pro Needs Better 3rd Party Support | Uncharted Lost Legacy Release Date | Remedy Making PS4 Game


PS4 Pro Needs Better 3rd Party Support | Uncharted Lost Legacy Release Date | Remedy Making PS4 Game

Tekken 7 | Rage and Sorrow - Release Date Trailer | PS4


  1. MS just announced the specs nothing more, the Pro is already out for quite a while and that is a major advantage for Sony. Project Scorpio has not proven anything yet. Wait for the post release disappointments and problems.

  2. Anyone saying difference between Pro and Original is not much has not both like me and like to talk trash based on YouTube videos at 144p.

  3. Well, we actually might have gotten a taste of Sony preparing to primarily show off games running on PS4 Pro. When the trailer for Death Stranding was revealed at The Game Awards in December 2016, that was running on the Pro. I would expect we will see a handful of at least PlayStation exclusives running on the Pro at Sony's E3 2017 press conference. And I anticipate Sony being more aggressive about Pro content for third party games as a way to fight back against Scorpio. All things in time….and the Pro relatively speaking is such a new thing for the industry!

  4. loving how your doing you videos now foxy. its informative first opinionated later. thats awesome

  5. I think you guys complaining about lack of Pro enhancements have unrealistic expectations for this kind of timetable.

    From a developmental standpoint this shit takes time. The vast majority of games releasing now and in the next 3 months have been in development for 2-3, maybe 4 years already targeting a non-Pro spec. Going back through thousands of completed assets/textures to re-tune them for Pro just isn't going to happen. Less labor intensive post processes for these games are what is realistic.

    There's no evidence that delaying a game's release date to spend more money on PS4 Pro enhancements (which is going to be different for every game and potentially put development into a rat's nest of problems) will actually positively impact game sales.

    Even with that said over the next year games that got the Pro spec earlier in the development cycle of the game (2 years ago) will be more polished on Pro, but more importantly they will better position the devs for PS5 games which will be a leap from the current generation.

    Sony is trying to get dev cycles back down from 3-4 or more years back to 2 years and that takes planning ahead and getting devs and development tool makers acquainted with new working methodologies for even higher resolution textures and meshes earlier than what has been the norm through new APIs and such.

  6. To say Sony is not taking the Pro seriously is asinine. The steps were taken on purpose to not piss OG ps4 fans. Well now that it's already received and talked up. OG fans want to see what the now hype is about. So Pro will be the go to console for showing off gameplay

  7. Im not convinced that scorpio will be that much of an improvement vs ps4 pro. Both are good options, but scorpio has 4gb ram out of 12 in reservation.

  8. Can we just admit that Scorpio is a silent next gen console, a developer has already spilled the beans. It's obvious because Xbone was eviscerated the competition. Pro should not be compared to Scorpio but to the Xbox one S.

  9. At last remedy making games again on playstation consoles woooo! Alan wake should have come to the ps3 back in the day and it would have had better sales numbers! Anyways really looking forward to what remedy do on the ps4 (alan wake remaster please!!)

  10. Xbox has done everything right since Phil Spencer took over.
    Free backwards compatibility and the Xbox One S are big steps in the right direction for Xbox.

  11. At e3 they might what the Pro truly can do by showing like Spiderman , days gone at native 4k hdr

  12. Sony stuffed up on the CPU by just over clocking it resulting in bottlenecks and promote it more

  13. SONY will give the devs the green light to develope for the PS4 Pro. Im glad I hot one DAY one.

  14. the only reason i can think of why p5 did not get a pro update is because of the Japanese release being before pro so that could be a loophole



  16. once I pay the full amount on Tekken 7 from Pre order I go and get it amazing I love it and got PlayStation 4.

  17. I can't wait to buy this game I am Pre Order it right with the full amount Im going to pay which is right now it's $63.43 cent I am paying it all off.

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