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I cant decide which one to pick!!

The old one is backwards compatible but the slim is not!

The slim is more new right?

I have a few games i love on the ps2!!

But my ps2 is trashed and it wont remember anything.

I want it to be more thin and stylish but i dont want to n ot play my ps2 games!!

im not waiting for the ps4


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  1. Me, personally with choose the slim because of its sleek design and a little better graphics then the original. And you probably have friends that have PS2 that you can play on anyways. But its your choice.

  2. They dont make backwards comp. Ps3s at all. I bought my ps3 in 2008 and thats when they stopped. Its still a fat one but its not compatible with ps2 games. if I were you, Id just get a slim and buy a ps2 later in life.they are about 99 dollars new. By the way, if you did buy a ps3 that played ps2 games its going to be years old unless its unopened, and if its still not opened you’re looking at a huge price tag I would think

    By the way, I had a 360 before my ps3. It broke then I got a ps3. Havent be regretful yet.

  3. I’d go for the original PS3’s. Because they are backwards compatible (I bought mine back in 2008 and I can play PS2 and PS1 games on it), they have 4 usb ports instead of 2, they have the power button on the back, the eject and on/off button are touch sensitive, and the overall design of the original PS3 is better looking. IMO it looks better when it says Playstation 3 on the top instead of just PS3. And no, the PS3 slim is not stylish. It doesn’t have as good a design as the original, and the original PS3 is black with silver plating, which the slim doesn’t have. Sure the slim has more hard drive space, but you can always upgrade your hard drive on the original PS3. Mine’s at 500gb atm. And the PS3 slim doesn’t have better graphics, they have the same graphics. My neighbor has a better TV than me and he has a slim and I have the original, they look the same.

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