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ps3 is not reading bluerays or games- it DOES play dvds and this started after power outage HELP!?


I have already read all about replacing the sensor/reader thing- but i do not think this is the problem – this has been minimally sporadic in the past – turned it off and i would work again – but since the power outage that lasted 3 days i have not been able to AT ALL! any suggestions?
if the chips are fried what should i do?

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  1. i have my ps3 for 2 years and my hubby play his games ones in a great while and out of nowhere it stop reading disc i went on different website and people that have ps3 were all complaining about the same thing others that they just ended up buying a new one and same thing happen you have to call sony look up the number on google there going to charge you 150 so they could fix it and they will give you warranty i don’t remember i think a year or so i still keep lagging on sending mine i was thinking about getting a new one but don’t know it gets me mad cause i paid alot plus for the games just for 2 years that ain’t right.

  2. If it was on during the power outage, it is possible it got a surge shock and some of the chips got fried.

  3. To agree with Ed, the power outage must have caused a power surge that fried vital chips. It is always recommended to plug your PS3 and TV to a surge protector. That’s what I do.


    Unfortunately, there’s nothing else to do if the chips are fried. Just have to buy a new system and seriously consider to get a surge protector this time.

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